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iPhone is a dream phone, but this dream obviously costs more than your kidneys (If you believe all the iPhone cost-related jokes). And it’s tragic when you find your dream shattered with the iPhone screen one fine day. Whether its slip and slide from your hand to the ground or getting hit by something heavy, a broken, shattered or cracked iPhone screen is enough to give you a huge blow- both mentally and financially.

We know you are extra careful about your iPhone and understand the need to protect it. But mishaps do happen, and such damage can occur to anyone. Now, the most serious matter is that the damage is done, and it definitely won’t cost you any less to rectify the issue.  But dealing with the situation wisely is what you should do, and that’s what you’re going to be guided for on this page.

What to Do Next After You Damaged Your iPhone Screen?

Leave it, it’s no longer going to help to stare at your screen hoping it would be back to intact and normal automatically once again! The damage is done, and the screen has given way. Now let’s face the situation and understand what you should be doing next apart from sulking. Read about the actions to be taken about the shattered iPhone screen below to get an idea about the future of your beloved phone.

  • Access the Damage

Sometimes it’s not just the screen that gets affected due to a fall. Even the touch sensor and mobile body get damaged. You can try switching on the phone and check if the display appears and/or the touch sensor is working correctly. And accordingly, you’ll have to be prepared for the expense and repair.

  • Check Your Apple Warranty or Issuance

If it’s a recently bought smartphone, you can be lucky to have a warranty service available to mend your damages. But if it’s beyond that, it would be easy if you have insurance for the same. If not, you’ll have to bear the charges.

  • Are You Ready to Contact Apple Service for Your Repair?

Now comes the deciding factor in your serious case. Since you are out of warranty and insurance now, you have to decide if you are prepared to take your iPhone to the Apple service center for repair. While the decision is to be taken by you entirely, you should know that it takes around a fortnight and more to get any device to be repaired or serviced from the center along with handsome charges that may apply.

  • Contact a Good Iphone Repairer

When you don’t want to opt for the Apple service for your mobile repair, you can contact JMC Computers for iphone screen repair in Melbourne. They have got a thorough knowledge of each and every issue of the smartphone along with a great experience of a good many years, and even give you price and service guarantee. And the turnaround time is pretty swift too. What more could you ask for?

Owning an iPhone has its own charm and advantages. But remember, a single mistake or glitch on your part can be very taxing on your pockets. And that’s why whether it’s the screen or any other part of the phone that’s damaged, always ensure to contact the experts in order to repair the same.

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