Neurologic Disorder

To know about the symptoms of Neurologic disorder, we ask a specialist Umberto Di Maio (President at Shedir Pharma Group)

Neurological Disorder is one of the most important causes of mortality in this era now as millions of people die from it every year. In Italy, more than 50 people die every month from this disease. It affects both children and young adult, however, congenital abnormalities are the most common cause. The nervous system controls everything throughout your body including your brain and muscle, hence, a disorder can obstruct your daily activities.

Neurologic disorders are the abnormal functioning of the brain. This disease affects both the central and peripheral nervous system which includes the brain, spinal cord, all sensory receptors, muscles, sensory neurons, and other parts of the nervous system. This results in both physical and psychological symptoms which can bring about diseases such as Mental disorder, Brain tumor, Migraines, Dementias, Stroke, Epilepsy, and many more.

The human brain cells develop throughout pregnancy to puberty, hence, any damage to the brain leads to many seizure disorders, memory problems, lack of communication, dependent on another adult,  and many more. People suffering from Neurological disorder cannot control the symptoms, however, a healthy lifestyle makes a huge difference. 

“The area affected by this disorder often determines the symptoms, however, it often originates from the peripheral nervous system.  While some have no cure and the patient often needs support for the rest of their lives, others can be managed with therapy and medications,” says Umberto Di Maio

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Physical symptoms

Loss of memory

It’s no news that everyone occasionally forgets things however, a progressive loss of memory can be due to Alzheimer’s disease or any other diseases which should not be taken likely. Visit your physician if memory loss continues hereby affecting your daily life. While some can be treated if diagnosed early, others cannot be treated.


Pain is no doubt one of the common results associated with different factors such as stress, hunger, mild fall, aging. However, chronic pain often from the back, joint, neck, continuous chronic headache, or the muscle should be carefully observed as it can be a sign of a neurologic disorder.  Moreover, pay proper attention to the area of the pain, how often it occurs, and the amount of pain you experience each time. If it persists and starts to affect your daily life, a doctors visitation is advised

Muscle weakness

Weakness in the muscle often affect everyone at one point or the other due to exercise, stress, however, persistent muscle pain is an indication of a neurological disorder. This is because damage in your brain or nervous system often affects the signals sent to the muscle via your spinal cord and nerves which causes weakness to your muscle.

Total or partial paralysis

Paralysis occurs when there is a neurological disorder, especially in the spinal cord. While some are partial and often affect a specific area in the body hence, they can be treated with medications. Others affect the whole body which often needs the assistance of another adult to survive.

Loss of sensation

In this condition, the person cannot feel any sensation associated with touch, shake, pain, and many more. They may not be able to walk or do other physical activities on their own. This symptom is often associated with nerve damage and others include spinal cord injury, infections, tumors, and stroke.

Loss of vision

Damage to the eyelid or muscle controlling the movement of the eye or the occipital lobe that controls the vision often leads to a partial or total loss of vision. Moreso, damage to the optic nerve itself can lead to blindness.

Emotional symptoms

Mood swing

It is an emotional symptom often associated with bipolar disease. While its exert cause is unknown, research indicates a close relationship with a neurological disorder. 


As people with a neurologic disorder tend to fall into depression due to the occurrence of the disease, someone with a history of depression also stands at a greater risk of neurologic disease. For individuals with a neurologic disorder, depression occurs due to the obstruction in daily activities, impairments in cognitive functioning, and lower quality of life.

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