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shein sunglasses
By AMANDA MILLS 732 views

Considering Buying a Pair of Shein Sunglasses? Here’s What You Need to Know

The online retailer Shein has become a mecca for many looking for bargains on a vast array of items, from fashion clothing to home cleaning products. Whether you want to buy a gum shield or a shoe rack, you can find what you need in this sprawling virtual department store – and usually at great prices, too. If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses, Shein could be the answer. With the range of affordable options, you may be able to splash out on several pairs to create a range of perfect vacation looks without putting a strain on your finances.

Designer Looks on a Budget

If you want sunglasses for everyday wear or a pair to take on holiday, opting for an affordable yet stylish option could be a great idea. After all, no one wants to spend their vacation fearful of damaging their expensive eyewear.

Shein offers a range of designer-inspired shades, including oversized extra glam options, aviator-style shapes, sunglasses embellished with jewels, and one of this season’s hottest looks, clear-framed eyewear. Whatever type of shade you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Multipack Savings

Handily, Shein offers a variety of sunglasses in multipacks, so there need never be a drama if you break a pair on vacation or a day trip – simply reach into your purse for a spare pair! And with multipack shades typically coming in at less than a dollar a piece, it’s never been more affordable to have a spare pair (or three) to hand.

Choose from packs of the same design or that incorporate the same frame in different colors to give you a range of outfit options.

What About If I Need Corrective Lenses?

Unfortunately, Shein doesn’t currently offer prescription sunglasses, so if you need corrective lenses, you’ll need to visit another retailer to get the shades you require. Unless, of course, you’re considering getting contact lenses, in which case you’re free to wear whichever type of sunglasses you desire!

Do Shein Sunglasses Offer UV Protection?

Again, this is where the ‘budget’ element of the equation comes in. Shein sunglasses may look great and be purchased at a rock-bottom price, but the majority of the shades on offer are considered ‘fashion’ sunglasses and, as such, don’t offer protection from harmful UV light.

When buying, check this carefully by opening the description box for each option, where you’ll be able to see what, if any, sun protection is incorporated in the sunglasses you’re considering.

Shein Best Selling Sunglasses

Need some sunnies inspiration? Then, simply take a look at the hottest sunglasses trending right now on the platform. Popular models include a classic pair of aviator-style gold-framed shades, cute heart-shaped sunglasses with white frames, and oversized eyewear with sparkling diamante embellishments down each side of the lens frame.

Light-up refraction glasses, steampunk styles, and sunglasses with yellow or blue-tinted lenses are also popular picks on Shein at the moment. Pro tip? If you see a pair you’re interested in but aren’t quite sure, sign up to Shein and pop them in your basket. You’ll get a notification if the price drops, meaning an even bigger saving could be in sight.

How to Choose a Pair of Glasses Online?

While it’s easy to try on a few pairs of sunglasses in a physical store to see what style suits us best, it’s a little trickier when shopping in an online outlet like Shein. Unlike some specialist online eyewear retailers, Shein doesn’t currently offer ‘virtual try-ons,’ which involve uploading an image of yourself to test out a variety of frames.

If you already wear glasses, you’ll probably have a good idea of the sort of shape and style of frame that suits you best. In general, opt for one that contrasts with, rather than mirrors, the shape of your face. For example, if you have a square or angular face, select sunglasses with a round or oval frame shape. Similarly, those with round faces tend to look best in square or rectangular-shaped eyewear. And if you have an oval-shaped face? You’re very lucky: pretty much all sunglasses shapes and styles will suit you!

Final Thoughts: Bringing the Sun Shein

While the majority of Shein’s shades don’t offer UV protection, if you’re in the market for a super-affordable pair of fashion sunglasses, then a virtual trip to Shein could be in order. This online store boasts a truly massive range of shades in every color, style, and design under the sun, from classic cat eye to stand-out embellished options, and at a price that means you might not be limited to a single pair.

Amanda Mills

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