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We all know that we watch each other. Men watch women and women watchmen. Yeah, no surprises there for anyone. If you were surprised you need to get out more my friend. Similarly, the first thing we see about anyone is their shoes. I don’t feel anyone should be judged by their shoes, because there are many people who pay attention to different things but not their shoes but well, it’s the law of the fashion world

Anyhow, there are thousands of individuals who dislike certain kinds of shoes, and today we are here to talk about shoes that women hate. Well, I know we cannot generalise for all women here but we are talking about the majority of them not all. So let’s talk shoes women hate: 

  1. Chappals/slip-on: There are many women across the globe that hate to wear chappals. This is because the chappals were seriously undermined. Their potential unrealised. Most women who hate to wear these are the ones with short heights because they have no heels. Second, women hate to wear them because they don’t go well or look good with dresses or pants. 
  2. Heels: There are many women who hate heels. Yes, it’s not a shocker. The sandals that have heels can cause back pains. Not all women can walk easily in these sandals. These heels cause multiple medical issues if you do not care for yourself post wearing heels. 
  3. Platform Sneakers: They are a mockery of the sneakers honestly. I myself used to own a pair and that too in pink. They were hideous. They are worse than chappals and sandals. Have you never heard of them? They have been around for quite a while. They are sneakers merged with platform sandals. They are an absolute disaster. 
  4. Ugg Boots: Not all women make gooey eyes at ugg boots. Many people judge ugg boots like they judge their books by the cover. Most women like things that look beautiful but ugg boots are ugly for many. Still, women wear them because they are comfortable as hell. 
  5. Low high heels: Many women do not understand the point of low heels. Most women want to increase their height or add that extra pep to their walk that comes with high heels but not all women can wear high heels. Many women who are already quite tall prefer to not wear high heels and small heels are their saviors. 
  6. Flat Sandals: Many women do like flat sandals especially flat leather sandals but not all. Some hate them. You ask why? These leather sandals or flat sandals at times make women’s feet huge. Some women hate when their feet look stumpy. Not all women want their feet to look like men’s feet. Flat sandals are very comfortable and are mostly worn with beachwear. In areas with winters or extreme winters, they are not even an option. 
  7. Platform heels: Platform heels looks like wooden wedges added to shoes. Why would you wear that?? They are almost as weird as the platform sneakers. These platform sandals though allow women who can not carry high heels an alternative. They are not very attractive to themselves to forget about others. I don’t know how many of you will agree but it’s true. 
  8. Open toe shoes: OMG! What is up with this. They look so weird. It’s like a tongue poking out. They honestly feel a little creepy. Many women find them irritating and not attractive to wear. They are worn in both formal and informal settings. Especially the open toe boots. Boots are supposed to cover your feet and provide warmth, how does open-toe help with that?

The article in itself does not talk about all women as I mentioned above. Other than being a woman, we are all individuals with different choices, opinions, and styles. So, first, we should not judge other people no matter what they are wearing until and unless it is something really off the books. Second, make your own style, don’t think about what others will say. Hope this article will help you broaden your perspective and understand not only yourself but others as well. Just keep in mind it’s your personality that is more important shoes are just an accessory. 

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Joe Maillet
Joe Maillet
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