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Shopify App Development
By ANUJSHARMA 892 views

Benefits of Square payment Gateway Integration with Shopify eCommerce Store

Shopify is one of the most popular and out of the box eCommerce platforms available for merchants trying to take their business online. With the help of Shopify, merchants can easily set up an online store for their business within just a few clicks and start selling their products online efficiently. Further, Shopify also provides merchants the freedom to expand the functionality of their online business beyond the premade solutions by using the Shopify App. Moreover, merchants can also create custom solutions for their business to make their store management efficient and easy to operate.

However, with all the features available in the Shopify platform, running a Shopify store smoothly can still be a confusing and expensive task for merchants. As the pre-made solutions might not completely cater to the merchant’s business requirements efficiently. In such cases, doing proper research, and choosing a suitable custom solution for business development is a must. For this, merchants can hire Shopify developers for creating custom solutions for their business. With this article today, we will take a look into the benefits of using a custom square payment gateway for the Shopify store.

What is a square payment gateway?

Square is an end to the end payment processor and it comes with a number of other useful eCommerce solutions. This payment gateway comes as an API payment solution in the market. With the aid of Square payment solutions, merchants can easily aid their users in making payments for both online and in-store purchases efficiently. Also, with the use of Square as the choice of Shopify payment gateway, merchants can easily make their transactions more secure while paying lesser transaction costs. This in the long run could easily aid merchants in improving their security, transactions, and their user’s experience.

Benefits of using Square payment gateway:

Although Shopify offers a number of amazing payment gateways for merchants to choose from a lot of merchants use the Square as their choice of payment gateways. This is because Square not only offers secure payment transactions but it also offers a number of other amazing solutions for business expansion. Due to this, Square payment gateways are steeply rising in the popularity curve, and a large fraction of Shopify merchants are choosing to use Square for the processing of payments and transactions. Below is a detailed list of some of the benefits of using Square payment gateways:

    1. The Square payment gateways offer lower transaction costs than that of other alternatives available in the Shopify marketplace. This, as a result, enables Shopify merchants to gain greater profits through Shopify with the use of the Square payment gateway.
    1. Square also offers solutions such as POS integration for better implementation of an omnichannel experience through an online store. Hence, the use of the Square payment gateway for payment transactions opens up the scope of further store expansion and functionality expansion for Shopify merchants.
    1. Also, the Square payment gateway offers merchants the scope of improving the security of their online transactions. This, as a result, eradicates the possibilities of failed transactions and payment frauds, which aids Shopify merchants in improving their user’s checkout experience and achieve higher profits and sales.

To wrap up on Square payment gateway

The square payment gateway is an amazing alternative for Shopify merchants. As with the help of this payment gateway merchants can not only enable users to make secure transactions but they can also access a number of amazing eCommerce functionalities as well. So in order to make the Shopify store expansion easier and payment transactions more secure every merchant should adapt to Square payment gateways for their Shopify store.


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