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New Samsung’s Foldable Phone - Shylesh Sriranjan

Do You Know about New Samsung’s Foldable Phone? Explore Now

With the technology advancing at a faster pace, a lot of new smartphones being launched every day in the market with different features and specifications. Doesn’t matter if you are a tech-savvy like Shylesh Sriranjan or not, carrying a smartphone with advanced features have become a need and a trend today?

After nearly two decades of work, according to rumors, Samsung is all set to launch a first flexible smartphone.

According to the sources, they had developed an “unbreakable smartphone panel” that had passed a severe safety testing. Even after being subjected to temperatures of 71 degrees Celsius and -32 degree Celsius, and dropped from the height of 1.8 meters, there was no signs of damage on display and functioned normally.

This display is a flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) panel made of a hard surface with a plastic overlap window attached to it, making it simultaneously tough and lightweight as glass but a lot more robust.

This display is a flexible organic light emitting diode

Manufacturers have desired for many years to make displays with flexible, flexible properties and a paper-like feel which includes electronic functionality. And finally, Samsung has found a way to guard a flexible OLED then it has solved a main technical challenge in eliminating the need for the screens made of glass used on many other displays today.

Presently, OLED screens are based on a compact layer of light-emitting material that doesn’t easily twist in this way. However, glass is also helpful in protecting the organic molecules in an OLED display from being despoiled by water vapor and other gases that would decrease their lifespan.

Until now, compressing displays in flexible plastic hasn’t been enough to protect them.

New Technology gadgets with an innovative, better quality kind of screen popular as a quantum dot light emitting diode (QLED) display can also be made flexible.

Nano-crystals used to produce pure, high-quality, and sharp monochromatic light. They change the backlight into the pure basic colors without the use of filters.


Samsung’s flexible OLED screen is expected to have the most basic level of flexibility, with the ability to be curved and bent without twisting the display but not completely folded.

The level of flexibility might be enlarged as the nanotechnology in the screens improves, as the nanowires, which used to carry electricity through the displays become more flexible at smaller diameters.

In the recent time, we may finally see rollable displays that can be rolled up like a scroll. The latest type of flexible screen will be one that can be folded or even crushed like a paper and still produce an unbroken image.

The advanced and innovative idea for creating these screens is to use new “auxtetic” materials, which gets thicker as they are stretched rather than thinner.

These materials easily absorb high energy waves and are made of crystals or single molecules that can self-align once distorted. They are usually lightweight and would allow the designs of screens with hinge-like design features that can flex significantly.

It appears that within a year every individual is able to snuggle up in bed reading from a screen that we don’t have to worry about damaging if we fall asleep on it. Of Course, it is difficult now to wait for this new tech gadget.

Final Words

According to Shylesh Sriranjan, the handset is expected to meet the expectations of many who are eagerly waiting to get something new. So, if you are planning to buy a new phone, then have some patience and wait for this new Samsung’s foldable phone.

Shylesh Sriranjan

Shylesh Sriranjan from Melbourne, Australia is an expert in the world of technology and gadgets. He possesses the knowledge about the latest market trends and technology. For the gadget lovers, He is a source for news and data on the most recent and most prominent #tech #gadgets from around the globe!