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Are you starting a business on a small amount of capital or a shoestring budget? Are you searching for ways to extend your marketing budget? Well, business marketing does not have to cost a fortune. As a matter of fact, there is a plethora of high-impact, low-cost methods to promote and advertise your business.

For example, business signage. For the most part, it is one of the best ways to advertise your business and get your brand in front of your prospects, especially when you are just starting up, or money is tight.

In a nutshell, business signage is the most affordable way to get and spread the word out about your business. Of course, advertising your business does not stop there. Keep in mind that it is a continuous process and challenge for you as a business owner. Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or just starting out, these signage ideas will, without a doubt, help your business look for new potential consumers without spending a lot. Read on!

Visibility of the Business Sign

The main reason why your business needs signage is to, for the most part, make people, especially your consumers, understand and comprehend what you offer. Keep in mind that any individual wouldn’t spend at least five seconds to look at and read your sign.

Thus, creating an excellent eye-catching, effective strategy would certainly aid you in gaining more interest and make the consumers learn more about what you offer. In principle, for every ten feet (distance), the letters written on the signage must be not less than one foot.

All in all,  a decipherable and clear representation of your business establishes better signage visibility. Ask help in any signage maker professionals such as ShieldCo Art to make your sign visible.

Signage Readability

To make your sign readable, remember to make the text easy to read and bigger from any point of distance. Also, it is important to use the white space of the sign effectively. By that we mean, incorporating short, concise graphics and content with striking, vivid contrasts.

When it comes to outdoor signs, think about the usual or normal speed of traffic. Determine how extensive your content must be put so that, for example, the fast-moving traffic will be able to look at and read your sign. Most especially, avoid clutter.

Measure the Sizes

One of the biggest problem and issue in devising business signs would be to, for the most part, decide and determine the right size and to measure them correctly. Considering the location where you will place the sign will surely help you decide the right size you need to work on or deal with.

The more extensive the size, the more extensive the audience reach because it makes the business sign less complicated, readable, and most especially attract a wide range of consumers.

In scaling the letters, use tools such as Power Kerning. The right, appropriate size, the exact spacing of letters, the right scale makes for an effective and excellent signage design.


What type of color grabs the attention of your customers? Or what would you think is the best color to attract customers? Well, the magic of colors is one of the many driving factors for devising an eye-catching, effective business sign.

Color plays a significant role in establishing and building your brand’s identity. In fact, according to some research, approximately 80 percent of the brand acknowledgment is done with the colors. Eventually, it will become the trademark of your brand.

Pair light shades of letters with a darker-toned background, don’t make the letters go dark and shadowy against the background. Opt for vibrant, bright colors that could significantly drive attention and spark interest from the crowd.


Aside from the color, the font of the letterings is also important. Typefaces can bring meaning just as the content in your sign. Choose a font that is readable from a distance. Additionally, it is crucial to select the right font style because it’s one of the driving factors in your business marketing. Excellent font styles do not require or necessitate a difficult time reading through. When you choose the right font, the people will be able to read the content much faster. Keep in mind that it should go well with the colors and graphics.

Moreover, remember that font styles that have excessive detailing would only, more often than not, fade or grow dim into the background and could create a cluttered look. On the other hand, heavy typefaces will jumble together and cease to retain its shape and distort the whole visibility of the signage.


For sure, every businessperson out there would love to have a better reach to their brand, especially in terms of promoting and advertising a business or brand. If you’re staying away from those costly methods on promoting your business, then signages are best to implement in your business. Applying these signage ideas will surely make your business reach higher.

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