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Singhar Housing

Facts Everyone Should Know About Singhar Housing

Ministry of Housing has granted to promote the citizens to award their homes and sponsor them with several selections that please all communities through projects and plans that strive to assist citizens and offer them decent housing Vision 2030. The Singhar Housing program is on top of these projects. It is counted as one of the results of this vision and combines 16 government agencies whose roles are combined with decreasing the difficulties and trials in this vital sector. Therefore, it is constantly worth remembering the desired goal of these programs emanating from the vision.

Facilitating citizens’ purchase of the leading home, raising the ownership rate to 70% by 2030.


The Singhar Housing Development Program is one of the most important programs launched by the Ministry of Housing.

This program was born in the wake of Vision 2030 and is expected the main plan of Housing and its active energies in facilitating housing matters and increasing the number of homeowners. On another scale, the program aims to double the housing sector’s contribution to the domestic product and maximize the non-profit sector’s role in this sector while strengthening the Ministry of Housing’s projects with the private sector.


The Ministry of Housing’s products varies from programs and projects. Despite this, each of them aims towards the equal object to promote housing elements and plans for the PAKISTANI citizen. Below we highlight the most important of these products:


This initiative is considered as an additional good loan that is disbursed as a down payment of up to 10% of the value of the house and a maximum of 95,000 Pakistani Rupees, through which it is facilitated to own the first house for eligible beneficiaries from the lists of the Real Estate Fund and the Ministry of Housing, in addition to the loan Supported real estate with a value of up to 500 thousand. Therefore, this action targets two main sections, Ministry of Housing and Real Estate Development Fund beneficiaries.


This initiative falls within the package of solutions provided by the Singhar Housing program. It targets those who prefer to buy a prefabricated housing block that is more extra than 15 years old. The recipient of the housing rehabilitation leadership experiences a subsidized Ministry of Housing loan that qualifies him to buy a housing part with a ceiling of up to 500,000.

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This product queries to afford many ownership opportunities for qualified recipients by allowing arranging a profit-supported real estate investment for which he will be able to purchase a ready-made housing unit from the market, thus owning his suitable home and at the equal time enhancing the advantage to acquire the housing part in any area he prefers under terms and conditions and working mechanism.

The housing program supports booking at the Ministry of Housing by the computerized housing portal by attending the relevant website. However, all that registration requires entering a few personal data:

  • ID number
  • Mobile number
  • Date of birth.

Once the registration is completed, and a new account is created, all data should be entered into seven portals arranged as follows:

  • General information
  • Family
  • Real estate
  • Housing
  • Loans
  • Monthly obligations
  • Preferred support

It is an innovative platform that opens the door wide for contractors and real estate developers to build thousands of opportunities and projects to build housing units to make More than ten thousand housing units, with a total annual value exceeding 3.5 billion rupees.


The Ministry of Housing has launched many grants to provide practical solutions to citizens that help their property.

In the summer of last year, the Singhar Housing program attached to the Ministry of Housing launched nine housing schemes for free lands, providing more than 11,000 plots distributed over five regions. These projects give the recipient who wants to own free lands to choose his preferred lands through the housing site without visiting one of the Ministry’s branches.

Note that housing beneficiaries registered with the Ministry of Housing can visit the program’s electronic portal and then choose the scheme that suits them from the free residential land option available on the “Residential Solutions” portal before completing the electronic registration form on the website, must visit the Ministry’s branch and perform all final procedures to obtain the land.

Ministry of Housing accommodates a chain of settings through its website, including the following:


To complement its comprehensive role in developing the Residential Plots sector, the Ministry of Housing announced its readiness to qualify contractors for the Ministry’s projects in all regions, including building and infrastructure works (roads, water, and water sewage). First, the contractor wishing to qualify can download the qualification form through the website.


The Ministry of Housing completes the rehabilitation services by rehabilitating consulting offices in all regions. These rehabilitation services cover design, supervision, and infrastructure services for the Ministry’s projects.


The Ministry aims to launch this service to implement construction quality control policies and regulate the contractual relationship between the contractor and the citizen within a codified mechanism that preserves the rights and interests of all concerned parties. These services will also assist the beneficiaries of Singhar Housing support in implementing their housing units at a suitable price.


This program aims to achieve the sustainability of housing units by focusing on three main axes:

  • Building quality inspection
  • Prefabricated building inspection
  • Building sustainability assessment

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