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Top 7 Skincare Products to get the Most Effective Results

So as we all take care of our skin effectively, most people don’t know the steps/process of which products should apply at which time. 71% of users don’t have the process of applying skincare products in their day to day life. There are various products you know but do you know the layers of applying products in proper duration to get great results, Like Serum, Toner, Moisturizer and many more.

In today’s topic, we will tell you about the layers of skincare products to get appropriate results in proper duration. As we use particular products on a daily basis and we never thought to change products every time. So we will study today’s topic about how these products are working for our skin to get better nourishment.

Here are the 7 layers of skincare products to get efficient results as follows.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Serum
  3. Toner
  4. Cream
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Moisturizer
  7. Oil

These types of products you should apply in sequence on a daily basis to reduce your skin problems & maintain better skin for nourishment. So let us understand these 7 skincare products’ purpose that why we should we use it.


  • The cleanser is the process to remove unwanted material from your skin like to remove beauty products which make our skin too shiny / glow irrationally.
  • So usually you can use warm water to remove the makeup or general face cleanser which has organic ingredients that don’t harm our skin while removing the make-up.


  • As the serum is much thinner than cream, lotion, gel, etc.
  • The serum works first from the inside layer of the skin and repairs the skin layer to make elasticity.
  • It makes collagen production in your skin so that dead tissues can be replaced and make new tissues that give better elasticity.
  • Vitamin c serum is one of the best serum which helps to reduce the dark spots, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, hyperpigmentation and many more.


  • Toner basically feels like water but it all depends on the toner products that they use like acids, anti-oxidant & glycerin.
  • It has a fast process liquid that gets charged to your skin like hydration and helps to remove dead cells from the inner layer through the outside layer of skin.
  • The result will be as always plump, glowing skin.
  • As it will work as if you have used chemical cream products and removed by the cleanser and serum too, but do you know in your skin there are pores that absorb the material inside the skin so toner removes the material from pores through which it gets moisturized.

Eye Cream

  • Eye Cream helps to reduce fine line, puffiness.
  • Every human uses beauty products for the face to hide the spots under the eye for more attraction but the real reason is products are damaging the skin. So it helps to not puff the skin.
  • The eye area has few oil prostate, the serum as well moisturizer is not enough to improve under-eye skin. Below the eye the skin layer is thin.
  • It actually removes the creepiness, so plumper cells come to the layer of skin & get better results.
  • Thick cream harms the skin, as the cream is too greasy, it might migrate to the eyes & cause under-eye puffiness.
  • So the suggestion of using eye creams should have lighter creams for reducing dead cells into the skin layer & nurture the skin.


  • As every person uses sunscreen just for sun protection / UV rays, but it should be used if you are not going outside at the time. Because it helps to prevent pollution affecting your skincare routine.


  • It makes the skin less dry and hydrated. It shields sensitive skin, improves skin tone & texture.
  • It rehydrates the top layer of skin cells and stores water in the second layer of skin to reduce dryness.
  • It should be applied in the morning and evening.


  • It helps to penetrate moisturizers, so first moisturize the skin then apply oil for glowing the skin.
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