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Having a small kitchen will make you restless and it is quite understandable. Although you might be thinking how to make the most of your kitchen space, you will be glad to know that the small kitchens are ideal for a renovation. With a limited space in your kitchen, you can insert all forms of creativity and innovative features, making the kitchen look aesthetically appealing. Moreover, the market is filled with unique landscaping products like faux trees and other designing elements that can make your small kitchen space look big.

With that being said, here are some designing hacks that you should be incorporating into your kitchen space and make it look majestic:

Install Cabinets for Showcasing Storage

Storage plays an essential role in every kitchen and is more than important for small kitchen spaces. Not only it helps you in storing the culinary items, but it also allows you to save your kitchen space from getting cluttered. An island is definitely an ideal element for kitchen storage, though sometimes the culinary items can be difficult to access especially in a low and deep cabinet. Hence, while designing your kitchen space, make sure that you apply for cabinets that come with a double opening so that you can access the cabinets from both sides. This kind of designing intelligence will help you in making the most of your kitchen space, preventing the cluttering of items or getting buried.

Surprise Yourself with Optical Effects

Most homeowners possess a wrong perception regarding the color application in the kitchen space, as they think that using a dark color scheme in their kitchen will look weird. This is far away from the reality especially when you research on some kitchen designing projects managed by professional interior decor experts, you will find out how well they play with the color effects even in a kitchen with a limited space. Are you looking forward to making your kitchen look immaculately spacious?  If yes, it is time to talk to your designer and develop optical effects by contrasting dark and light color schemes in your kitchen.

Bring in Some Air by Installing Greenery

It might come as a surprise to you but adding greenery to your kitchen space will actually make your small space look bigger. Most homeowners work with their designers for installing greenery near their kitchen space, infusing a positive vibe to the kitchen area. Also, you will feel great while cooking in a green environment, as the color is proven to motivate you in work and making the surrounding more relaxing. Besides encouraging you in cooking, incorporating greenery seems to be a great designing hack for your kitchen. It improves the aesthetic value of your kitchen and offers an exclusive feel particularly when you use artificial products like artificial potted plants.

Embrace Open Shelves

Often homeowners sacrifice their desire to have open shelves in their kitchen space just to ensure that they do not obstruct their storage space. In case you are having a similar misconception, then you must consider the functionality of open shelves above their aesthetic appeal. You will find out that using open shelves for your kitchen will not only sit well with the cabinets, but it will also make it convenient for placing things, owing to its efficient functionality. You do not need to consume much space by applying open shelves to a full kitchen wall, just make it place well between the cabinets and see how easily you can access things from the boxed in-uppers.

Say Hello to Convenience with Peninsula Countertops

Now, this completely depends on the theme and pattern of your kitchen, but placing your oven and other equipment over the peninsula base spearheaded by a floating countertop will make your kitchen look outstanding. Besides, according to, the mere presence of a floating countertop along with a peninsula base will allow you to move more efficiently in the kitchen space. You want to cook your favorite meal in the kitchen, therefore, make sure that you incorporate countertops that allow your legs to move freely.

Consider Adding High Uppers

If the size of your kitchen space allows the inclusion of upper spaces, it can clear all your small kitchen space issues, as well as, will also enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen. With high uppers put into the application, your kitchen will gain ambassadorial space and you will feel a little less boxed while working in the kitchen space. High upper cabinets come in handy in case you are looking for creating a visual break inside your kitchen space. The only thing to make sure while installing high uppers is that you are able to carve out a cleaner line, which can be easily done if you place the cabinets at your range hood height.

Develop a Pass-through Space

Another great way of making your kitchen look like the one in luxury suites is opening up a wall in between the space for developing a pass-through space. This will increase the functionality level in the kitchen, as well as, bring some more space from the adjacent room. However, make sure that you do not overextend the segmenting wall. For further assistance in renovating, you can consult the experts that offer services in kitchen remodeling Long Island.

Spend generously on the flooring

Kitchen floor undergoes a lot of things. Therefore, it is necessary that your kitchen flooring is tough enough to undergo all the wear and tear. While the look of the floor is important, what is more important is its durability. It is better to have normal ceramic tiles which can undergo spillage than the good-looking hardwood floors which will soak up anything spilled on it and needs to be changed after every few years. Vinyl tiles or Tuscan marbles are also good choices for the floors. Make sure that the flooring you choose is water resistant.


There is no point in falling short of designing ideas when it comes to a kitchen space. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, the aforementioned designing hacks come in handy for every homeowner.

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