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Technology is changing our lives faster than we can comprehend. Just two decades ago, students had to listen to a teacher explain on blackboards, visit a library for information for a project, or depend on friends if a lecture was missed. Now, online classrooms are acceptable, students just Google information and teachers are willing to share recordings of their lectures.

At the very core, technology has changed the way we interact with information. But more importantly, tools such as portable projectors has changed the means by which teachers share information with students. Visual representation of concepts and thoughts is known to make difficult subjects easier to understand while improving retention of the information shared. Research proves that students respond better to visual stimuli rather than reading their course material. It is no longer surprising that learning environments in schools and colleges are adopting smart classrooms to make it easier for their students to have fun while learning.

Visual representation in a smart classroom has another major advantage, teachers can explain complex topics and subjects more interestingly on portable projection screen. No need to use boring charts, instead add visual stimuli or movement to the text, use technology to add and remove images from a drawing to show its workings – the possibilities are endless. For example, chemical equations for 11th standard students can benefit immensely if, the strength of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen bonds is shown as a 3-D representation, and how even if one element moves away, it will form another compound or chemical.

Smart classrooms enable more questions as students are fascinated by concepts, and will be enthused to learn more. As a teacher, you may become a moderator after you show a thought-provoking clip on class-based politics or women empowerments or even why cat videos are popular. As the concepts of sociology and the societal rules are debated between it will lead to a dialogue, as both sides try and understand each other and get a perspective of the other’s thinking.

Students today are immersed in their content more than ever before. With the use of modern technology such as portable movie screens, projectors and more you can transform your classroom into experiences that students are enthusiastic to engage in – this will give them an impetus towards higher attendance and more engaged learning. Simple tech such as projection systems, televisions, internet, computers has done more for the human civilization than any other invention and discovery we have made in our history till now. But, it is their use in education to expand the horizons of thinking. that is most amazing.

In conclusion, technology has enabled the modern teachers of today to better communicate with their students. The tech also is inexpensive, and simple to install and use. If you are a teacher, a projection system can take your classroom to the next level. Visual representation of the data in fun ways has pushed limits for data retention and view it with a different perspective. If you are looking for ways to improve your efficiency as a teacher, your classroom as a place of study and your methodology as a way of delivery, turn your boring classroom into an engaging smart one.

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