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smoke alarms
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The Importance of Smoke Alarms in Residential Homes

The importance of smoke alarms in residential homes

Smoke alarms are a very important part of everyday life. In most homes in Australia, the smoke alarm system is a part of the general home security arrangements. Smoke alarms are usually included in all new homes and can even be added as a standard feature in some new homes. Smoke alarms should be tested regularly to ensure that they are working properly and that they have not become ineffective due to expiry or lack of smoke alarm system usage or even a flat battery. This article explains why it is important to test smoke alarms in residential properties and how a licensed electrician can help to make sure your smoke alarm system is working at its highest levels.

As with many things in life, smoke alarms can fail for a variety of reasons. These problems range from a simple issue that will simply require replacement to something more serious, such as a spring blowing inside a smoke alarm battery. When smoke alarms need replacement, there are several different options available to ensure your safety and that your alarm system continues to work effectively.

One of the main reasons smoke alarms need to be tested is because of battery failure. A battery failure can result in a loud, constant alarm, but it is not until the battery is completely discharged that a user will become aware of the problem. Smoke alarms can easily be tested by contacting a technician or an electrician that will come and conduct a test on your alarm. If there are any issues with the smoke alarm, or if it is nearing its use-by date, the technician will likely recommend that the alarm be replaced.

If your alarm system is connected to the mains electricity of a circuit board, this can be checked during the same visit as your smoke alarm testing. A licensed electrician will be able to check the circuit board and ensure that all parts are in good working order. The circuit board will be tested for resistance and reliability and if required, a voltage regulator may be installed to correct the issue. These smoke alarms will also have a backup battery, that will ensure the alarm will still go off, even if the power is cut in a fire.

If you live in an apartment building or a multi-story building, a licensed electrician should visit your building periodically to ensure that your smoke alarms are working properly. In addition to visiting the property for your smoke alarm service, this qualified professional should also inspect your electrical system and make sure that the connections are reliable that the smoke alarm is part of.  Remember, smoke alarms do not just work when the sensor turns on! There should be an alarm activation code that is activated by the smoke alarm servicing company. A good electrician will check this code to ensure that your alarm is not activating unnecessarily.


Most smoke alarms have a battery backup, which will protect them in the event of a power outage. It is important to check your smoke alarms from time to ensure that they are still in proper working order. A qualified and licensed electrician can perform this inspection and advise you on the need for a battery backup in case of a power outage.

Operation and installation of smoke detector

Regarding the way a smoke alarm works, a smoke detector is a device that acts through aspiration. The equipment continuously sucks air into a network of tubes, through a high-efficiency vacuum. In the detection chamber, the air is exposed to the laser beam, capable of detecting smoke at different levels depending on the sensitivity of the chosen device.

Advantages of smoke detector installation

There are several advantages for those who choose to install a smoke detector to prevent fires in buildings, companies, and industries for example.

As it is a highly sensitive device, smoke is identified in the initial phase and the risk of fire is transferred to a control panel or management system, which will carry out the alert.

With a quality smoke detector installation, fires can be fought before they cause damage, damage to the site, and stop activities. As it is a highly sensitive device, smoke is accurately captured at the earliest possible stage and the information is communicated to anyone in the household.

Thus, fires can be fought quickly before they cause damage, with a quick and efficient response to the smoke a fire produces, alerting every one of the dangers before it’s too late.

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