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Do you know how many people use Facebook? Almost 16 million Polish women and Poles! 2 hours a day – that is how long their activity in Social Media was indicated by measurements in standard months. Consider how many times this number increased during the epidemic. Finally, answer the question: isn’t this the best time to extend your online advertising with Facebook Ads campaigns? Definitely yes! We will tell you why.

What is currently a kind of stepping stone for us and the opportunity to keep in touch with loved ones? Of course, social media, in particular Facebook and Instagram, which in times of crisis record huge interest of users.

Undoubtedly, Social Media helps to find a place in a difficult reality. But what should be of key importance to you in the current situation? The fact that the company’s active presence on these portals in the coming weeks will be a chance for development and survival for your brand.

Facebook Ads – internet campaigns during the crisis 

What do you need to know about social media ads? First of all, they appear on the most-visited social channels – Facebook and Instagram. Placed include on the board, in the side panel (on the right), in relationships, i.e. Stories or on Messenger.

The audience, which your ad is to reach, is created taking into account, among other factors such as age, gender, interests, and online activity. You can also use remarketing, traffic, appearing on your site and groups of recipients similar to those who visit the site.

Depending on your needs, your ad has the chance to get recipients to get the desired response. Now going to the store, promotion with the purpose of buying, visiting, and liking the fan page, sending a message, or requesting a quote will be especially important for you.

You can set your budget in advance for a month, as well as the number of advertising goals you want to achieve in the coming weeks.

You need to know that Facebook campaigns do not have an immediate effect, just like Google Ads. However, their advantage is that they allow you to create an effective sales path – from generating interest in your products, to getting people to buy them in your e-store or use the services of the brand.

Why Facebook Ads?

Social Media are platforms where users can relax and integrate. Research has shown that as many as 83% of Internet users are actively involved in discussions and activities on social networking sites. As you probably guessed, currently this number is higher. As a result, quarantine is the right time to start advertising on Facebook and Instagram, because they will allow you to take actions that bring your brand closer to current and potential customers. You have the chance to create a bond with them, arouse their curiosity with your services, and generate profits, especially by selling products directly.

#WARNING, not only the right content of posts and regular activities in Social Media will be important – without Facebook Ads, you don’t have to count on increasing conversions! Only it will allow you to reach people who are interested in your products and will be willing to buy.

How to run Facebook Ads campaigns in times of crisis?

1. get closer.

Look for new opportunities and ways to reach customers. Social Media will not only provide you with profits but also allow you to build long-term relationships on the brand-customer level. Show that your business is not average. Create posts addressed directly to clients, responding to their current needs, as well as support, engage in actions that will divert their attention from everyday monotony. Encourage recipients to interact, while showing that you care about their comfort.

2. Be original

It’s no secret that the competition is just waiting to take over some of your customers. But how can you be sure that they will fail? Use the power of social media to create an immersive story related to the product you offer. Thanks to this, you will interest them in your brand and engage or encourage you to buy again. If you are creative, you can be sure that customers will come back to you.

3. Find solutions to your clients’ problems.

Take a closer look now at the product you offer. Think about the needs generated by the #stostdomdom action – which ones can you answer? Remember that customers will now appreciate custom solutions for purchasing or shipping processes. A good solution may be a non-contact form of delivery, i.e. a package left at the door or sent to a parcel locker.

4. Create good content.

This rule never changes: pay special attention to the quality of the content created on the fan page and in the Facebook / Instagram Ads advertisement. When using graphics or videos, make sure you use the characteristic elements for your brand, eye-catching colors, and check that you put the logo and Call to Action in a visible place!

Our last advice is … Get Instagram followers and entrust the work on social media campaigns to experts!

Why? For 3 simple reasons – thanks to their knowledge and experience you will achieve as much as possible within the assumed budget, you can count on their knowledge of current market needs (especially during the crisis!), And also, you can be sure that your ads will bring results!

#REMEMBER! Properly conducted communication as well as Facebook or Instagram Ads campaigns will allow you to build brand awareness among your potential customers, boost sales, and get closer to current and new recipients.

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