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Gone are the days when you wanted your restaurant to be successful- you just had to focus on the taste of your food and the services. Now restaurants and food chains have landed up to intense marketing strategies like email campaigns, hashtag campaigns, social media marketing strategies, and much more to drive their target audience to their restaurants. 

Now, as a restaurant owner, you might be wanting to do the same, but at the same time, so many options available out there leaves you feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we have decided to introduce you to the ultimate marketing strategy, Social wall for restaurants.

Keep reading to know it all.

What is a Social Wall?

A social wall is a dynamic tool that allows users to showcase their preferred social media feed on display. People love social media, and it has become a user behavior to create social media content whenever they can. That’s why the social wall has become a widely cherished and accepted tool. 

No matter what your focal social media platform is, the social wall will manage to fetch the content so that you can moderate and customize it as per your target audience and display it in the best possible way. A social wall is a responsive tool, so it is compatible with any and every screen type.

It grabs the attention of your audience, engages them, and helps you generate various marketing benefits. If you are wondering how a social wall can benefit your restaurant, then this blog is just the right read for you.

Benefits Of Displaying Social Wall On Digital Signage–

1) Encourage Food Blogging

#foodporn is among the heavily used hashtags on social media. That’s because it is a social media trend to post online before eating anything. Food blogging is among the major industries on social media. Add a social wall collecting all the social media posts created by your customers who have posted by mentioning your restaurant. 

When your customers come across the social wall at your restaurant, it creates a sense of social proof and encourages them to create posts for you. It is a great strategy to improve your social media presence.

2) Inspire Customers To Try New

It has become a common thing among restaurant visitors to look for other people’s suggestions or reviews online before heading to a new restaurant. That’s because they want prior ideas before giving the order. Use the social wall to help your customer’s confidentiality order food at your restaurant by showcasing a food social wall.

When they see a new dish, they feel tempted to try it out. They might as well ask your waiters the name of the particular dish that is on the social wall display.

3) A Perfect Incorporation To The Ambience

While restaurants are experimenting with different architectures and interior designs so that they stand out and attract more visitors, you can simply use the social wall on your restaurant’s digital signage. Although it is a minor change, it will create a huge impact on your customers.

It will give them an entertaining and engaging experience at your restaurant. The social wall is auto-synced which means that each time a customer creates a post using your unique hashtag or handle, it will automatically appear on the social wall, making the experience more fun for them.

4) Wait Time Becomes Fun Time

It often happens during the weekends when the restaurants are packed, and the people who have not made reservations prior have to face a long waiting time. Many of your potential customers often drift away, and that’s because no one likes to wait. Besides, they also have other restaurant options to explore.

When you add a social wall to the digital signage of your restaurant, you give your waiting customers something eye-catching and entertaining to engage with. The social wall makes their wait time worthwhile, and they happily wait until a table is free for them. That way, you never lose a customer to your competitors.

5) Socialize Your Restaurant

Social media is dominating the world. It is a major part of our everyday life. Social media is considered the most prominent medium to reach the masses. 

When you incorporate the social media wall into your restaurant, you, in a way, socialize it. You give something unique to the customers that help you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

This was the blog on how displaying a social wall on the digital signage at your restaurant can help you reach greater heights of success. Digital signage is in itself attention-grabbing, and when you add a social wall to it, it produces the ultimate growth for you.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best social wall platform for you and get set!

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