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soul app survey
By LARREN SMITH 231 views

Soul App Survey Sheds Light on the Uses of AIGC and the Perception Surrounding the Technology

Since ChatGPT burst onto the scenes in late 2022, there has been no stopping the rise of artificial intelligence. Although the initial response to the technology was a mixture of skepticism, fear, and awe, this has made way for acceptance and even positivity. Because Zoomers are among the most prolific users of AI-generated content, Soul App, the Chinese social platform favored by youngsters decided to survey to analyze how Gen Z feels about the technology and how they are putting Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) to use.

Popularity of AIGC Products

The soaring popularity of AIGC has been fuelled by the regular introduction of innovative products such as Sora, Suno, and others. ChatGPT was, of course, the first AIGC product, the one that ushered in the age of AI. And since then there has been no looking back for this pioneering technology that holds the promise of transforming the way people work, live, learn, and even socialize.

Survey Insights from Soul App

The Soul App survey was conducted by Just So Soul, which is the research arm of the social media platform. More than 3400 users participated in the survey and 80% of the respondents were Gen Zers. 80% of Soul App’s monthly active user base is made of Zoomers, so the results of surveys conducted on the platform can be considered an accurate barometer of the trends, perceptions, and attitudes of Gen Z and Gen Alpha towards AIGC.

Usage and Awareness

That said, of the survey participants, nearly 90% answered in the affirmative when asked if they had used AIGC products. However, of these respondents, not many knew what AIGC stands for or how it works. The majority of those who knew about Artificial Intelligence Generated Content, including the academic concept of the technology were from the post-00 cohort.

Perception and Acceptance

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in a recent publication described AIGC as a type of content that is entirely or primarily produced by intelligent algorithms with little or no human intervention. As such, they also defined it as a new-age approach to the creation of content that involves automated content generation tools built using artificial intelligence technology.

Of those who were a part of the Soul App survey, around 10% said that they were already using AIGC tools to make money. More than 45% of the respondents admitted to liking AIGC tools while approximately 18% appreciated everything that AIGC technology had come to offer. Of course, there were around 2% of survey participants admitted to disliking and even hating artificial intelligence, but given the significantly higher proportion of people who appreciate the technology, AIGC has little to worry about that.

Reasons for Embracing AIGC

One of the reasons why the younger lot has taken to AIGC in a big way is their consistent exposure to digital technologies in the past. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor He Yanhong said it best when he called Gen Zers a new form of human beings whose mindsets and neurological systems have been transformed because they grew up on a steady supply of Internet technologies.

Concerns and Opportunities

He opined that this has allowed Zoomers to be more open-minded and even more accepting of the latest technological innovations. So, it is no wonder that while 43% of the respondents were worried about AIGC taking away jobs, an equal number of youngsters claimed that they intend to make money using AIGC tools in the future.

Personal Use and Interaction

And that’s not all! Around 45% admitted to liking AIGC tools and 18% said that they appreciate the potential that this technology has to address their personal and professional problems. Similarly, while 38% reported being concerned about low-quality AIGC-generated content flooding the internet, almost 54% said that AIGC tools make life more convenient and nearly 63% stated that the technology has greatly boosted work efficiency.

Furthermore, a significant number of the respondents also showed an inclination towards using AIGC for personal reasons. For instance, nearly 54% found their interactions with AIGC tools to be both interesting and entertaining while 60% said that they had already tried out AIGC social networking products.

Interaction with AI Chatbots

Of the youngsters who had indulged in human-computer interactions involving AIGC products, around 18% said that they enjoyed the interactive experience while 70% had a neutral stance. Only about 12% of the Soul App survey respondents said that they were not too keen on interacting with AI chatbots. Also, when quizzed about their preference for AI chatbots, around 47% of these respondents said that they had fun while interacting with AIGC products.

Feedback and Friendship with AI Chatbots

More than 45% of those surveyed stated that they like the immediate feedback that AIGC tools offer while an almost equal number of respondents based their liking on the fact that AIGC tools are capable of chatting on any topic that the user chooses. Moreover, one-third of the survey participants said that they would like to be friends with an AI chatbot. Now, how is that for acceptance?

Emotional Impact of AIGC

The fact that around 50% of the Soul App survey respondents feel that AIGC tools have what it takes to reduce the pangs of loneliness faced by youngsters is a testament to the growing power of this technology. In the same vein, the fact that nearly half of all participants believe they can use AIGC tools to generate an income and want to do so is an indication of how artificial intelligence will permeate every aspect of life in the days to come. So, the 60% of the Soul App survey participants who repotted liking AIGC tools are certainly headed in the right direction.

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