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When it comes to having some spare time, you want to make sure you spend it wisely. This is why you might be wondering what to do if you have an extra 15 minutes spare. Fifteen minutes is an awkward amount of time that you don’t want to waste sitting around doing anything, but at the same time, you can’t really pick something up and start it, as once you have gotten it all set up, you will need to pack it all away again. Here are five things that you can do if you have a spare 15 minutes. 

#1 Play a quick mobile game

This is a great choice if you are in the break room at work or you are stuck on a bus and didn’t bring your usual entertainment. Having fun on a mobile game from sites such as Free Extra Chips can be a great way to get your attention on something else that is quick to pick up and quick to put down. 

#2 Dance

If you are alone in the house, you might want to have a bit of a dance. Choose your favorite song and dance to your heart’s content. Dancing, as well as being a very beneficial exercise, is also a great way to boost positive hormones. It can help you if you are feeling a bit down and can be good fun to just let loose to your favorite songs. 

#3 Do some quick chores

Doing some quick chores, like sorting out the sofas and sweeping the crumbs off of the dining table, can help you make your future chores far quicker. Even if you start tackling the washing up and only get a few dishes done, it’s better than nothing, and it can help make your jobs in the future so much easier. 

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#4 Read an article

Educate yourself on something you didn’t know about before. Most articles that can come up in your news feed on your phone are generally very short and sweet, meaning that you can read them in 15 minutes with no problem. They can be good for your knowledge, whether it is trivia or for a hobby. 

#5 Check your email

If you want to be productive, it only takes a few minutes to check and sort out your emails, or even reply to a few. This can be a great way to get your inbox organized for your next working day. It can also be a good opportunity to make sure all spam is moved into the correct folder and that you tie up any loose ends you might have been meaning to for a while. 

To wrap things up

When it comes to having an extra 15 minutes to spare, you don’t want it to go to waste. So, pick up a quick activity, such as a mobile game, or educate yourself with an article, do some chores, sort your inbox, or even just muck around and have a dance. 

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