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By SARA KHAN 796 views

Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

A supervisor feels calm and relaxed when he comes home after 16 hours of hectic work if his room is clean, quiet, and fragrant. A teenager finds an atmosphere conducive to learning and concentration when his room is neat and tidy. A housewife breathes a sigh of relief when she comes home early in the morning to find a clean, dry, and odorless kitchen.

What does sparkling clean mean?

All these positive vibrations in the house are only possible if the whole house is sparkling clean. The prerequisites for a clean house are the optimal use of movement space and the judicious arrangement of household items. There should be a collection system for disposable items such as mineral water bottles, plastic bags, newspapers/magazines, etc. In today’s housing culture, kitchen waste and leftovers should also be disposed of daily.

Living room cleaning

Let’s look at the different segments. If we take the hallway, i.e., the living room or den, the floor should be cleaned daily with a broom and mop. Sofas, carpets, electronic devices such as TVs, music systems, etc. should be vacuumed once a week. Furniture covers and curtains should be changed once a month by washing them first or having another set dry cleaned. Ceiling fans, glass windows, mirrors, and glass doors should be cleaned weekly.

Upholstery furniture should be cleaned with a dry cloth or with solutions for cleaning wooden objects. There is a beautiful view of the garden, the rose bed, and the main lawn. The dining room is regularly used for dinners and receptions. This room is used for formal lunches and dinners.

Drawing room cleaning

The Drawing Room is used for formal functions such as important visitors, diplomatic guests, and smaller receptions. The Drawing Room is one of the most used rooms in the house, where many receptions and meetings are held. The Drawing Room is the ideal venue for small receptions, presentations, and investment events. It is the central stone room of the original residence and the oldest known European building in Darwin.

Bedroom cleaning

Due to the lack of space in residences, the office and bedroom can be housed in one room, or a two-in-one concept can be used. In this case, the study space should be more spacious and equipped only with furniture and shelves. To maintain hygiene and a good atmosphere, bedding and pillowcases should be clean. A weekly wash in the washing machine is sufficient for this. But every two weeks, the whole room should be vacuumed and dusted.

Office cleaning

A typical office may contain a desk, chair, computer, and shelves. Often a guest room is used as an office, but many modern homes have a room dedicated to this purpose. These rooms are usually located on the main floor of the house and can be called an office, home office, or library. An office is a room in the home used for working with papers, computers, or reading. Historically, the home office was intended to serve as a personal office and reading room for the father of the family as the official head of the household, but today offices are typically used to run a home business or are open to the entire family.

Bathroom cleaning

Now we come to a very tricky area – the bathrooms. Toilets, floors, and sinks need to be cleaned daily. For this purpose, we buy cleaning products and detergents from many brands. The sink and toilet must be free of infection. Therefore, to have a healthy lifestyle, we must frequently use high-quality disinfectants that are not harmful to hands and feet.

Other general cleaning tasks such as dusting the ceiling, wiping mirrors, windows, shoe racks, etc. should also be done regularly. In the United States, “bathroom” usually means “room with a toilet”. In other countries, this room is usually called a “toilet” or even a “water closet”.

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen, where the housewife spends 60% of her day, deserves special attention because the family’s survival depends on the quality of the food prepared there. The biggest challenge is the closed cupboards, which are a paradise for ants, cockroaches, and lizards. To prevent them, the cabinet should be cleaned with an insecticide.

A cabinet with wooden doors should be cleaned with a dry cloth or with solutions that give an extra shine. The worktop and floor should be degreased and wiped daily. Stainless steel containers and the sink should be washed and wiped daily. The gas stove, coffee grinder, and microwave must be maintained regularly. Glass doors and windows should be kept clean by dusting and wiping regularly. The refrigerator/freezer must be cleaned/defrosted regularly.

Maintaining a garden

First-floor apartments or single-family homes may have a small garden or lawn. Maintaining a garden is a great pleasure for the owner/occupant. Daily watering of the plants, removal of cobwebs, weeds, etc. is not free. Today, we get quality household cleaning products from department stores as well as direct marketers. People are becoming more aware of the need to use these products and are paying more attention to keeping their homes clean. There are also professional cleaning services on the market. Those who can afford it can sign a contract and use their services.

Sara Khan

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