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Who doesn’t appreciate a well-timed and well-planned moving routine?

It helps you overcome many hurdles in your shifting schedule, like early packing of household items to their safe transporting to a new address. Besides, it also gives you the satisfaction of reaching your new location, an experience that remains with you forever.

However, there are certain factors that work closely in affecting your moving experience either in a bad way or a good way. And it depends on the propensity of their presence. That said – we have creamed out a few factors that can spoil your moving schedule to help you address them proactively, so as to evade the chance of encountering any unpleasant shifting experience later.

Hasty Packing Of Household Goods

This is one of the most important factors that you have to keep in mind if you don’t want to make you’re moving experience of annoyance for the rest of your life. Hasty packing could mean not scheduling your shift for the destined relocation earlier. It has been observed that not everyone is prepped wisely for managing their household things in a systematic order when going gets tough. This means hasty packing could render the various types of nuisances to your moving planning.

Disadvantages (of hasty packing)–

  • Hasty packing your important household goods at the time of moving could make you forgetful of many important things that you need to take care of.
  • Missing out important things to pack is one of the most annoying side-effects of this.
  • You could end up damaging most of the household goods which are brittle and so need careful handing in a fit of hurriedness.
  • Household items must be boxed separately according to their weight and whether they are fragile. Therefore, hasty packing could put a lid on your sagacity and the chance of careless handling of household items couldn’t be avoided.

Unpredictable Weather

Unpredictable weather is surely one of the factors that are sure to give you a nasty experience to your entire moving experience. It could make your moving worse, considering the amount of damage that an untimely rainfall or storm could do to your household things being transited to another new location of yours. Considering the unpredictability of climatic changes in India, it makes sense to ensure that your needs for safe moving of your important household things and family members should be done wisely.

Disadvantages (of moving in unpredictable weather) –

  • A sudden change of weather during the time of shifting could bring damage to your household items. For instance, sudden rainfall or storm could certainly dent your certain items causing you to suffer loss.
  • Unpredictable weather can spoil your moving experience in terms of delaying your shifting, resulting you missing out on some important works you may have prioritized after the completion of the shifting.

If Someone Gets Hurt

If you have taken the liberty of managing your shifting schedule all by yourself, you may surely consider a lot of factors to finally make the shifting a great experience for you and your family. However, an individual attempt to make your shifting a comfy experience could end up suffering certain discomforts in terms of getting hurt, either while lifting heavy objects or tripping over something resulting in dreadful fall.

The case in point is that you can’t avoid the chance of getting hurt while handling the task of shifting. And, if such a thing happens, the experience could really make your shifting process painful.

Disadvantages (as a result of someone getting hurt) –

  • If someone gets hurt while handling certain household objects which are too heavy, it could spoil the shifting experience. Don’t forget the medical expenses incurred, in this context.
  • The chance of getting hurt could be aggravated with the fact that when you are handling shifting chore all by yourself. This is where hiring the service of packers and movers sounds a fair choice.

Hiring A Wrong Pro

Who doesn’t know the bad result of hiring packers and movers having no legitimate experience in shifting?

Well, it’s a crystal-clear fact that when you end up hiring a wrong professional, the entire shifting experience is spoiled in a bad way. This can be seen at the time when either the truck of your hire mover doesn’t come at a time or it encounters certain snags on its way to your new location.

Besides, the unskilled handling of your household goods by the inexperienced staff of your hire could also spoil your shifting experience. It has been observed that in many cases, hiring a wrong pro not only increases the chance of getting your household items damaged in the process of packing and loading on a truck, but you also end up paying off higher-cost which could have been avoided, had you exercised prudence of searching for a right pro.


Shifting is one of the most important events for any person planning to relocate to a new address. However, certain factors, if not supervised earlier could make your shifting an unpleasant experience, or could spoil it. Mentioned above are certain factors you can red-flag while planning for your moving schedule.

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