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OTT business
By PRAVEEN E 1,601 views

5 Reasons to Start an OTT Business

Revenue in the OTT industry is expected to reach the US $205,552 million in 2022. This statistic is enough as a reason for you to start an OTT business and start making money. If you are a video content creator, this is the best time to start your OTT platform and start selling video content. Before investing in an OTT business try to look out for important features when building an OTT website/ app. 

Important Features required for OTT-business platform

 White label and Customization Feature 

Platform owners can include their own brand logo and name, thereby increasing their brand image. Platform owners can customize their website and video player according to their wishes making their website stand out from competitors, and it also gives a professional look.

Centralized Video content management system

A centralized video content management system allows OTT businesses to host and manage video and live streaming content. All video content is stored in different categories and folders, making it easier for users to search and find the desired video content easily. Video CMS is essentially needed for managing, uploading, and streaming video content for your OTT platform.

Video transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming

Video is viewed on different devices at different resolutions and at different speeds. It has become important to provide users with a smooth viewing experience irrespective of internet speed and device. Video transcoding compress video and make video available in different video format when combined with an adaptive video player resulting in adaptive bitrate streaming. Adaptive bitrate streaming ensures streaming video with higher quality according to each varying internet speed.

Video Security  feature

It is very much important to protect platform owners’ video content from third-party attacks, and users of this platform want to be sure that their user data is not leaked. Platforms must ensure the video content is protected from when the video is uploaded and until the content is distributed to end-users. Some security features to consider are SSO, DRM, and AES encryption.

Video monetization Options

Video monetization is the most important feature to consider because with this feature platform owners can make revenue with video content. Choose an Ott platform provider that supports three main monetization models that include a Subscription-based model (SVOD), Transactional-based model (TVOD), and advertisement-based model (AVOD). In the Subscription model, Users can access the entire video library in return they have to pay subscription fees. In the Transactional model, Users have to pay for the video content they want to watch which may be based on the number of views or duration. In the Advertisement model, Users can watch all the videos for free but have to watch ads played between the videos.

Five Good Reasons to Start your OTT-business 

OTT is profitable

Starting your own ott business will help you earn a sufficient amount of money, and you don’t need to invest huge capital when you are subscribed to our OTT platform. You can monetize video content through different monetization options available: SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD.

Complete control over the content

 You have complete control over the content you stream to your audience, and you can even decide what content to stream or not to stream. It gives you the flexibility to create whatever you want – be it fitness videos or educational videos without adhering to strict guidelines. With your OTT platform, you have complete control over revenue.

Easy setup

You can start shooting videos from wherever you want and whenever you want. Equipment like mobile, camera, microphone and tripod stand is portable as you can carry it anywhere. You can shoot outdoors and set up a studio in the house itself when shooting indoors.

People can consume content from anywhere.

 Launching an ott platform means you are reaching an audience worldwide as the users can watch content from anywhere and at any time. Make sure to choose an OTT platform provider that builds ott app and websites that is supported on desktops, mobile, tabs, and smart TVs. Allowing users to watch your content on their devices increases your viewership by 50%, giving you the opportunity to reach out to a lot more customers.

OTT platform providers in the market enable you to launch your own-branded OTT platform on the web and apps across various ecosystems like Android, iOS, Windows, and Smart TVs.

Advanced security features 

Launching a professional online OTT platform will keep your platform protected as it will be equipped with tight security features like SSO, encrypted streaming, watermarking, password protection, DRM. Build an OTT platform that ensures exclusive content will be safe from hackers, and your videos won’t get leaked on the Internet. 


Choose an OTT platform provider equipped with security features that protect your platform from third-party attacks. There are many reasons to get connected with an OTT platform provider and make your OTT business a successful one. There has never been a better time to start an OTT business than now. Choosing an OTT platform provider that suits your business model can help achieve target revenue goals plays a vital role in OTT-business success.

Praveen E