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Camping is supposed to be your time for adventure away from the noisy, busy, and sometimes polluted environment you are used to in your daily life. While out in nature, you need to be set for what it has to offer, such as when the nights get really cold. While you need to take the night and relax so you are set for the adventures of the following day, the temperatures can drop very low and make you uncomfortable. There are also no restaurants out there where you can grab a sandwich when you’re hungry. In this piece, we will explore a few ways to make sure you are warm and full while camping.

1. Stuff Items Under Your Sleeping Pad

When going camping, you will obviously bring a sleeping bag. However, sometimes it’s never enough when used alone. The secret to getting warm is usually in having more items between you and the ground. If you want your nights to be comfortable, you need to bring an extra foam sleeping pad. They are more efficient in maintaining the body heat, keeping you all warm the whole night. Also, you can add some of your other gear like ropes, and stuff them under your sleeping pads. The more stuff there is under your sleeping pad, the warmer you are going to be.

2. Go to Bed With a Hot Water Bottle

With a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag, you can go for hours sleeping comfortably. All you need to do is fill your plastic bottle with hot water and have it between your legs. If the hot water bottle is too hot at first, wrap it with a piece of cloth. All through, make sure it is placed in a position that hits your femoral artery. The bottle can take you through the night even when the temperatures get too low.

3. Stack Up On Healthy Meals

When you set off for camping, you need to carry along something to keep your belly full and your energy levels adequate. This may include a few snacks, drinks, and some raw food that you will prepare while there. There are lots of healthy meal recipes for camping that you can access freely online. When you stack up on healthy meals, your body produces more heat to help you survive the chilly nights out there in the wild.

On this note, a wood burning stove can help make cooking easier and more convenient for you. It will also help keep your tent warm. This is not to forget that some of them come with handy accessories such as a pipe damper and hot water tank. This helps make your camping experience even more comfortable.

While out there in the wild camping, it is quite crucial to keep warm and full. It keeps you energetic and comfortable enough to make the most out of your camping trip. The above few tips will help you beat hunger and discomforts from chilly nights during your camping trip.

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