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Stay Healthy While Traveling
By JOE MAILLET 1,047 views

Stay Healthy While Traveling: What You Need to Do

Taking a trip is always exciting. You plan for weeks or even months, imagining what you’ll do and how things will go. After putting so much effort into preparations, you want everything to go smoothly, and you certainly don’t intend to get sick.

Having insurance coverage while traveling is an excellent strategy, but it’s even more ideal to stay healthy, so you don’t have to use it! There are a variety of health plans available through different parts of the USA. For instance, Humana health insurance has a wide network in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Here are some tips to help you make that happen.

Boost Your Immunity

Even before you travel, you can take some steps to ensure you’re healthy. Proper nutrition is an excellent place to start. 

Your immune system works best when it receives adequate amounts of vitamins B6, C, D, and E. Zinc also plays an important role.

You can get vitamin B6 from foods like chickpeas, potatoes, banana, tuna, chicken, and kale. Bell peppers, strawberries, oranges, broccoli, and spinach are rich in vitamin C. Cod liver oil, sardines, beef liver, and egg yolks are good vitamin D sources.

In addition to watching your nutrition, you may want to consider taking supplements before and during your trip. Vitamin C might be the most critical to take along since it can kill harmful microbes and shorten the duration of a cold. You’ll find formulas containing vitamin C and zinc at your local pharmacy. In addition, if you want to avoid getting sick, it’s important to manage yeast overgrowth in the digestive system. The most common symptoms of yeast overgrowth include digestive issues (bloating, gas, constipation, IBS, reflux), irritability, fatigue and muscle weakness, joint pain, sinus infections, recurring genital or urinary tract infections, and many more. 

Boost Your Immunity

Get Enough Sleep

When you’re traveling, it can be tough to get sufficient rest. Changes in time zones may mess up your biological clock, and some people have trouble sleeping when away from home. However, it’s essential to get as much as possible.

Adults need at least seven hours of sleep per night to stay healthy. When you don’t get enough rest, your body releases more stress hormones. You can also have problems with blood sugar, memory, and mood.

Your immune system depends on adequate sleep to strengthen T cells that fight off infection. Quality rest helps these disease fighters adhere to and destroy pathogens that enter your body.

Stay Hydrated

The human immune system depends on the nutrients in your blood, which is about 80% water. Thus, if you don’t drink enough fluids, you deprive your organs of vital substances. 

stay Healthy While Traveling

Adequate hydration is also essential for your body’s detoxification systems. Drinking more water increases lymphatic drainage, which serves to remove waste materials and invaders like viruses and bacteria.

Dehydration can lead to unpleasant symptoms that include headaches, tense muscles, digestive problems, and low serotonin production. These conditions will leave you uncomfortable at the very least. So, to feel your best while traveling, make sure you drink enough water!

Sanitize Everything

Personal hygiene is always essential, but it’s even more critical when spending time in public places. Take advantage of any opportunity to wash your hands while out and about.

When the Coronavirus began spreading, people started stocking up on items like Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. Such products are great to take with you on any trip, even when there’s no worldwide pandemic. You can use them if you have no way to wash your hands.

You can use antibacterial wipes to clean public surfaces before touching them. Carry a small container of hand sanitizer and use it often. Doing so is especially critical before touching your face or eating. 

Exercise and Stretch

If you have a regular fitness routine, try to maintain it while traveling. You can use facilities at a hotel, buy a pass to a local gym, or work out in your room. Exercises like jumping jacks, pushups, situps, and yoga poses are ideal for staying active without needing equipment.

Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you don’t have a regular workout routine at home, take advantage of the trip to get a little extra exercise. Walking or jogging around the place you’re visiting is a great way to learn more about it. You can also choose to use the stairs rather than the elevator or travel on foot instead of taking a taxi.

Stretching can help your body recuperate from exercise and stress-related muscle tension. Take a few minutes to do some each morning before you begin your activities. 

It’s also helpful to extend tight muscles in your neck, back, and shoulders throughout the day. Stretching right before bed can help you relax and improve the quality of your sleep.

Summing It Up

When you take a trip, you want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. To stay as healthy as possible, boost your immunity with adequate nutrition even before your travel starts. Getting enough sleep is another excellent way to keep your body well.

Drinking plenty of water and using sanitizing wipes or gel will help protect you from microbes that can make you sick. Exercising and stretching can contribute by reducing tension. Applying all of these tips will help ensure you stay healthy while traveling.

Joe Maillet

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