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Nowadays, the majority of the dog owners, seeking for the right dog trainer to make groom their dogs. Unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult decisions to get right. Therefore, experts always advice to hire professional trainers who love and understand the language of animals like Stephanie Taunton.

So what should you Seek for in a trainer you are about to hire?


Techniques - Stephanie Taunton

A professional trainer is easily recognized by the techniques he used to train a dog. During the training process, a good trainer will continuously communicate about his techniques with the motive to involve you in the activity and training. In the training process, if you are not comfortable with the tools, you won’t be able to use them. And if you don’t use them, the training will not be successful. Therefore, make sure the trainer use those techniques that make you feel comfortable. Because if you can’t make sense of it, your dog can’t either.


Most pet owners forget to consider this point while searching for the trainer. Trainers have to be someone who inspires you and make you fall in love again with your pet. Choose someone who is a great communicator both in terms of teaching and listening to your questions. In the end, your dog lives with you and has to be trained by you. So make sure you choose someone who doesn’t ignore your concern in favor of your dog while teaching you and your dog.

Be a certified trainer

If you are planning to hire a dog trainer, it is advisable to hire someone who certified and professional. Because they are skilled and talented in providing good training. You will find a long list of certified trainers on the internet, choose someone only after exploring reviews about them on social media. Nowadays everyone is on social media including dog trainers. Therefore, it is easy to search for them on Facebook or Twitter to know more about them. For say, you search Stephanie Taunton Facebook account or Twitter account, it is advisable to explore her followers, testimonials, feeds, and other activities. It helps you to know more about the trainer before taking a hiring decision.

Experience dealing with your pain point

Every pet owner hires trainers for different reasons. Few of them wants dogs to be obedient, so they enjoy even when they are out or about. Others need trainers to deal with some pretty serious behavioral issues. And yet others look for trainers to pursue advanced sports with their dogs.

Stephanie Taunton says when you are choosing a trainer, make sure you select someone according to your need and requirement. And don’t choose someone to help you get your pet prepped for competition unless they’ve working experience in that arena. Similarly, don’t choose a sports dog trainer to fix your aggression unless that’s something they have wide experience with.

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Stephanie Taunton
Stephanie Taunton
Stephanie Taunton has been professionally training dogs for over 20 years, she is an accredited California State certified dog trainer. This title is held by only a few trained professionals and is an unprecedented training program that certifies her to train multi-fascinated working dogs.


  • Wow, this article is really helpful and you are right a trainer should be professional and know very well about dog training.

  • Alice Carroll says:

    You made a good point that communication skills are important to look for in a dog trainer. I’m interested in getting my dog trained because he sometimes gets too hostile towards other people. I couldn’t let my friends visit me if this keeps up.

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