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By HARSHAL SHAH 1,636 views


PPC i.e. Pay Per Click is a digital marketing model where the advertisers have to pay the servers every time when their ad is clicked. PPC management has become quite popular in the current digitization era.

PPC is one of the easiest ways to earn clicks to the website. There is no requirement of technical knowledge to implement this model. Today, almost all companies use PPC to increase their clicks. However, to implement it in an efficient way and to make use of modern tools and technologies, you may need the help of experts.

If we talk about the current era then the use of Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, and PPC is also a part of it. In fact, by using artificial intelligence, you can improve your PPC model.

One of the biggest advantages of using AI is that it automates the same tasks and make them fast. Also, it can improve the productivity of every task. It can save your time as well as ensure productivity.

In this article, we will talk about how you can improve your PPC management with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

5 Steps to enhance your ppc management with Artificial intelligence

  1. PPC bids can be adjusted independently

When you use AI, you can improve your PPC campaigns by making just little changes to the code. You can also use AI to adjust PPC bids independently. This will help you to bid properly, neither bidding too high nor bidding too low.

AI helps you to manage your bids by yourself. However, hiring a PPC management company for managing the PPC will provide you a lot of benefits as they have experienced professionals. These experts will make use of tools & technologies that can enable marketers to customize the bids according to the changing dynamics of the market.

However, with so many advantages of automated bidding, there are some minor disadvantages as well. You need to pay more attention to the automated strategies because the programme simply adjusts keyword bids that have been manually established.

  1. Predict customer behavior

The algorithms of Artificial Learning can learn from past data. It can consider many things like the purchase habits of your audience, demographics, device usage, etc. In this way, the algorithm can establish the connection between campaigns and keywords. And, by this, they can predict which types of search queries will generate the conversions. This whole process will also be much quicker.

  1.  Ads with poor performance are paused

No one wants to spend on something that does not provide them with the results. In the same way, if we talk about PPC, then you should not keep the ads that are not performing. Because they are just liabilities that aren’t performing but costs you a lot.

Artificial Intelligence helps in discovering the ads that are not performing and not delivering the ROI. Now, you can remove these ads and make a new strategy for PPC that deliver results for you.

  1.  Enhanced Retargeting

By the use of AI, you can check the connection between the leads that are generated by the offline efforts and the leads generated by keywords & campaigns. Various tools like call tracking software and AI-powered analytics can be used for this purpose.

For the success of a PPC campaign, the most important thing is proper targeting. For this you need to take care of 2 things:

  • Not target the existing customers as they can be irritated by the excessive marketing materials
  • Don’t spend the PPC budget on the customers that have made the purchase already from you and are unlikely to make purchases from you again in the near future.
  1. Artificial Intelligence helps in creating dynamic PPC ads

Dynamic ads are those ads that adapt themselves as per the content. The dynamic ads help in increasing clicks and generating more traffic. Artificial intelligence analyses various platforms and adjusts its behavior accordingly.

Some of the most popular AI-driven ads are:

  1. Google Ads: The advertising that displays at the top of every Google search are AI-driven Google ads. These ads are consciously stuffed with popular & relevant keywords. And, as far as, AI is considered, it never misses any relevant keyword. 

The main role of AI-driven google ads is to attract a huge audience to your website. Google ads have a longer headline and thus, people can understand the content better and more people will visit your website.

  1. Facebook Ads: There is a huge audience that uses Facebook, and therefore, the AI-driven Facebook ads attract a large audience. Facebook advertising can even show the audience the whole inventory, allowing them to browse catalogues without having to visit your website. This will save a lot of time & effort.

Facebook also provides multiple ad templates; thus, you get many options to choose from. You can just pick a template that goes with your business. This is a big advantage of AI-driven Facebook ads.

Thus, you can create dynamic ads with the help of Artificial intelligence.


In conclusion, we would say that today AI is in use by everyone and everywhere, and PPC is also a part of it. And thus you should also utilize AI for PPC. You can make use of the above 5 steps to enhance your PPC management with Artificial intelligence. This can enable more clicks to your website, attract more audience to your website and ultimately will increase your business sales.



Harshal Shah

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