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Streaming mobile games and video games have now become one of the most popular modes of Livestream entertainment industry. In the year 2020, the net worth of the cloud gaming industry was projected well over 900 million US dollars and it is expected that this number may reach 1.3 billion by the year 2023; which is no surprise, considering the enormous potential and rising popularity rate of streaming mobile games and video games.

This enormous growth rate has opened up new gates of marketing for several top brands in the world. Famous brands like KFC and Ubisoft and EA Sports have all found innovative ways of brand marketing by collaborating with popular streamers in different ways. This has not only worked remarkably well for the brands but has also attracted more viewers for the streamers.

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When it comes to marketing, intelligent brands are reaping great benefits from video game streaming but still, numerous brands are unaware of the potential of benefits.

Let’s take a better look at why now is the right time for a brand to get into the game streaming world.

It’s a Now or Never Situation

Though it is already generating hundreds of millions of dollars, game streaming is still a fairly new industry and can be considered at its initial stages of development. However, all the surveys and research agree that the industry will only grow further and there is no exception to that. Understanding this solid scope of development, big brands have already begun investing a big amount of money in the industry, but there is still room for many.

If you are looking for some brand promotion, video game streaming is an industry with less competition at the moment. Many brands, and possibly your competitors, are still unaware of the scope here and so you can make the best use of it now. The early bird gets the most benefits, and this early window will narrow down soon, considering the rate at which video game streaming is growing and gaining popularity.

Here are some methods that big brands are currently using for their successful brand marketing through the gaming industry.

Sponsorship Methods

Brands have always relied on sponsorship strategy for marketing in any type of sports, including esports. Brands related to esports are already running sponsorships and partnerships with the top streamers, but it is the brands that aren’t related to sports, the ones presenting the most innovative ideas.

Here are a few best examples:

  • A fashion and clothing company has nothing to do with video games, but the fashion giant Louis Vuitton saw opportunity where others didn’t. They developed Louis Vuitton clothing for the game characters of League of Legends. Yes, they developed skins for in-game characters that players can purchase for a value, and along with it, they launched a 47-piece clothing line for people, which were sold-out in just an hour of the launch.
  • Next in line is the dating app Bumble. They partnered with esports brand Gen.G with the idea of promoting women empowerment. They created an all-women team known as Team Bumble which will compete in Fortnite competitions.
  • A similar strategy was carried out by Lenovo, who created a senior citizens’ team known as the Silver Snipers, which will compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The oldest player on this team is 77 years old.

From a marketing point of view, these are genius ideas, where unrelated brands developed amazing ways of crowd interaction and brand promotion all while empowering the industry and the players.

So, if your brand is not related to gaming or sports, you can take inspiration from these companies for their methods of merging into the video game streaming industry.


 Brands and games can develop partnered events with a vision of mutual benefit for the brand and the game. Some best examples are,

  • Getty Museum. Getty Museum in Los Angeles came up with a brilliant idea. They partnered with the game Animal Crossing and provided their famous artworks in the game, and the players could now add these artworks in their virtual home decoration.
  • KFC Philippines created an entire island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and set a task for the viewers to find colonel Sanders. The players who found him would win free meals and gifts from KFC, and yes, it would be real-life gifts.

So, these are some innovative ways used by popular brands to attract traffic to their product and also the game, and therefore, generating benefits for both partners.


Running in-game ads is the easiest and the most popular way of marketing in the game streaming industry. With the help of dynamic ad insertion, ads depending on each person’s interests can be displayed, creating better chances of generating sales.

Another successful method is blended advertising; here, the brand will be blended into the game, and the brand’s name will display on things inside the game while playing. Real sports-inspired games are the best for such advertising, as the brand names can be displayed on jerseys, energy drinks, and banners within the game, just like in real sports.


When it comes to successful brand awareness, timing, and placement of the advertising and marketing stunt, plays a key role along with the innovative idea. According to the brand’s specifics, one must understand the right place and time for the brand to show up so that it can generate the best possible result for you.

Unplanned and untimed attempts will only result in loss of money; so take inspiration from the top brands, understand how their intelligent marketing worked, and get into the arena of video game streaming before it gets too late.

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