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Stress is a common part of human lives, especially today when we are bombarded with tons of information on a daily level. While some amount of stress may encourage you to make changes in your life and improve, in most cases it will negatively affect your body and mind. At the workplace, stress can hinder productivity and focus, but also cause interpersonal issues and conflicts.

Besides exercising and eating healthy, there are also many things you can do at work to create a stress-free environment. Here are some of the suggestions that will definitely help you conquer your stressors and have triggers under control.

Get yourself desk toys

Get yourself desk toys

While playing games on your computer or smartphone may take your mind off things, it still keeps you doing the same thing – looking at the screen. Eye strain will make you tired and grumpy, so it’s best to try some other ways to eliminate stress and relax. Desk toys are a fun and practical way to clear your head and rest your eyes from the computer, and there is a variety of them to choose from.

A miniature Zen garden equipped with rocks, sand, and rake will help you calm before in stressful situations like important meetings. On the other hand, there are more engaging solutions like rolling meditation balls or putty that will keep your hands busy. If you like games, then you should definitely try mini fishing with a magnetic hook and cartoonish characters which will certainly amuse you during breaks.

Use the outdoor space

If there is an outdoor space you can use, no matter if it’s a simple roof or landscaped area, don’t hesitate to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. You can have a cup of coffee there or lunch, as well get some work done or brainstorm with your team. Being cramped up inside the whole day can considerably hinder your mood and concentration, which will, in turn, make doing your job harder.

It is also a great way to rest your eyes and stretch from being seated the whole day, as well to walk around and get those muscles moving. Also, if you need to make some important decisions or have to resolve some issues, the best way to think about it is by changing the view. Don’t even let bad weather to ruin your de-stressing moment and bring a hot beverage to keep you warm during winter.

Hang out with your colleagues

Hang out with your colleagues

Interpersonal relationships at work are crucial to have a supporting and nurturing environment to do your job efficiently. However, a lot of stress tends to come from these relationships as well because of bad communication and unresolved conflicts. One of the ways to feel comfortable with your coworkers is to get to know them better and the other way around.

Socializing is an important part of the workplace environment so invite them to drinks after work and hang out with them in the rec room during breaks. You can also create a more personal experience like organizing a party at your place or going to the movies together. Also, participate in team building activities in any way possible even as support during sports events or instigator since sharing an experience builds team spirit and creates a stress-free workplace.

Have a massage

Some companies go to a great length to create a comfortable workplace environment for their employees so they even have a masseur on staff. But if you don’t have one at your firm, there is still a great way to have a massage and de-stress. You can give yourself a massage by rubbing head, neck, and shoulders up and down by applying pressure with your palm.

Or you can get yourself one of the portable solutions like breo massager that will do all this for you. Relieving tension is imperative for stress management and for preventing discomforts like muscle stiffness and headache caused by long hours over your desk. A massage will boost the blood flow as well so you will feel less tired and more energized to be productive and complete your tasks.

Separate personal and professional life

Separate personal and professional life

Separating personal and professional life is one of the most important rules if you want to remove stress and enjoy your work. Although you will have to work long hours and even weekends sometimes, overworking yourself will get you exhausted and in a bad mood. Also, don’t pressure yourself to finish tasks that are not urgent and you can continue working on the next day.

A lot of stress at work comes from self-pressure and having unrealistic expectations, so make sure you organize your workload beforehand. Also, try to organize your workload by priorities and deadlines so you would stay on track and not waste your time on less urgent tasks. Take your work home only if you have to, but other than that try to fully enjoy your personal time by taking a hobby or spending time in nature.


Never underestimate how stress can affect your productivity and performance at work so any action to avoid its management can damage your success. By creating a stress-free environment at work you will be a better employee and colleague, as well as more confident and aware of your potential

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