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Stuart Mckelvie
By STUART MCKELVIE 3,529 views

Tips for sales developer to get ahead in 2021

As a professional Salesforce developer, your main focus is how to be more efficient and proficient in your chosen career. You would also like to be an expert in the use of the Salesforce platform.

What is a Salesforce developer?

Salesforce is an online platform that uses marketing cloud, service cloud and sales cloud to provide services like marketing, customer service, and sales management.

Other services provided are; Healthcare cloud, Finance cloud, and Commerce cloud.

Tips for Salesforce developers

The following are tips provided by Stuart Mckelvie, a Salesforce developer and skilled sales manager

Curiosity: According to Stuart Mckelvie, a good Salesforce developer must be curious. You must be highly inquisitive about what goes on around you, the latest Salesforce technique and technology. New Salesforce applications are released more than two times a year. They come with new APIs, new features and new methods so you must stay on top of the new trend so that you won’t become an obsolete developer. Study the new features before you use them. You can learn more on blogs, YouTube and ebooks.

Use of “with sharing” for all classes: “With Sharing” is a keyword that enforces user’s permission and access in trigger helpers and page controllers. The current Apex classes are not executed with the user’s credentials. Hence, there is no automated user’s permission and the security of the level field is not assured. “A good Salesforce developer should apply sharing permission rules to all the classes available for consistency to occur,” says Stuart Mckelvie.

Teamwork Matters

You may be a one-man army when it comes to developing but you need people’s opinions and feedback to be a great developer. Their feedback helps you to improve and make amends when necessary before you release your product to the market.

You need a set of brilliant team and friends who are experts in your field. You have to relate to them very well. You should also improve your collaborative and communicative skills when you are with them. Share your workload if it’s too much, and ask them any questions if you are confused. You can join an online community of Salesforce developers and ask them any difficult questions you might have.

Quality of your Code

Practice makes perfection. You get high-quality code only if you have experience in practicing it. The more you write a code, the better you are at it. You will also notice some bugs or errors you might have missed when you wrote your previous core.

Safe Navigation Operator

Null pointer exception has been a source of concern to developers. Stuart Mckelvie pointed out that “As an excellent Salesforce developer, you should be able to use the safe Navigation Operator to resolve this issue in a single line.”

Embrace Quality Solutions to problems

Shun the quick solutions to problems in favour of top quality solutions. They make you more professional and reliable. Although fast solutions are used during emergencies or when your customer is in a hurry, quality solutions are preferable. The choice on how to fix the problem is up to you depending on the situation and your skill.

Manage and Plan your time well

You may be assigned numerous tasks at the same time with a difficult deadline to meet. This will test your skills and patience. The best option is to have a development plan set a time frame to complete them according to the level of difficulty. Make effective use of your time and save yourself from stressful situations. Stuart Mckelvie suggests using project management tools to manage your tasks.

Salesforce gives developers new ways to explore the new technology and features. Utilize the best features and methods. Be a proactive developer that stays up to date and render top-notch service to your customers.

Stuart Mckelvie

An experienced director - Stuart Mckelvie, with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry and ability to lead a group of people towards a common goal. Skilled in Medical Devices, Sales, Sales Operations, Sales Management, and S

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