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Student Accommodation
By NATWILSON976 1,693 views

5 Ways To Make Your Student Accommodation More Homely

If you’re heading to university this year, then you’re likely looking forward to getting your own space away from home, where you can experience the fun and freedom that university life brings. However, in your first year, you’ll likely be staying in student accommodation, and with the identical bedroom layouts, magnolia walls, strange, stain-hiding colored carpets, and matching laminate furniture, you’ll likely feel much further away from home than you wish. 

Shared student accommodation isn’t designed to be cozy or homely, it was designed with cost in mind, so it can be hard to see what can be done to make space feel more homely – especially on a tight student budget! With this in mind, here are 5 ways you can make your student accommodation more comfortable and homely. 

Rearrange The Room

One of the main things that can make student accommodation feel bleak and characterless is the fact that they all have the same layout. In some situations, there may be nothing you can do about it (often, furniture included in the room is secured to the walls or floors) but if you can, you should look to rearrange your furniture. 

By rearranging your furniture, you can create a flow that is more suited to you. For example, you might want your desk nearer the window, rather than your bed. If you have space, then look at getting some room dividers so that you can separate your bed away from your desk, creating a sense of space between the two different areas. There are plenty of space-saving ideas you can utilize, too, to make the most of your student accommodation bedroom. Often these rooms can be a good size, but lacking in storage space, so coming up with ways to expand your space is only a good thing. 

Invest In Good Bedding and Towels

On a student budget, you will naturally want to avoid spending too much money on certain items or objects. However, when it comes to bedding and towels, these are things that you should invest some of your budgets in. They can make all the difference to how you feel in your student accommodation. If your room is a bit chilly and you want to keep heating costs down, then a good quality duvet and bedding can turn a cold and uncomfortable bed into a snug little haven, whereas big fluffy towels can make you feel like you’re in a nice hotel. 

Try And Improve The Smell

Student accommodation doesn’t always smell the best, whether it’s because you live down the hall from someone who isn’t big on cleaning or because of that weird mark on the carpet in the corridor. Even if your accommodation is relatively good-smelling, there’s something about making where you live and sleep smell nice and more homely. In some student accommodation, candles aren’t allowed, but there are plenty of different ways you can make your room smell nice. Diffusers and plug-ins are good options if you’re not able to have candles! 

Add Personal Touches

When you first move into your student accommodation, your room will essentially be a blank canvas which means you can make a start on adding personal touches as soon as possible. One of the best ways to make your student accommodation more homely is to add some personal touches to make space your own. Having things around you that remind you of home, especially if you are quite far away from your hometown, can make the university experience a lot easier. Houseplants, wall art prints, rugs, and cushions can all transform a boring room into one that is much cozier and nicer to spend time in. 

Have Your Own Kettle 

There are some aspects of living in student accommodation that cannot be avoided – shared kitchens and bathrooms, mostly – and these experiences allow you to interact with your flatmates. However, having your own kettle in your room allows you to make a hot drink whenever you fancy it, which can be great when you have tight deadlines or wake up early and don’t fancy interacting with your flatmates. If you have friends and family come round, then having a kettle in your room can often be less awkward than sitting around the table in your kitchen!


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