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By JOE MAILLET 3,629 views

How to Style the Athleisure

Are you always on the go and would like to pull a stylish yet practical dressing style? Perhaps you’re meeting a group of friends in the evening and don’t want to worry about changing from an office look to casual wear. 

Athleisure can help you put functionality into your fashion sense. As the name suggests, athleisure incorporates sportswear into leisure. These are casual outfits you can have for general use and not just workouts. 

Behold some rules to rocking athleisure.

Understand What Fashion Pieces to Blend

You may have accessories that make for a sport-inspired look, but your wardrobe will be incomplete without a touch of athleisure. If you explore trusted brands like Alfred Dunner, you’ll find shirts, casual dresses, bold and understated pants you can instantly recognize as athleisure. Crew neck sweaters, bomber jackets, and polo shirts should be in your closet as well. 

Sometimes, all you need to pull an elegant profile is a bit of color. If your pants have a solid color, a patterned or floral blouse would be a great option. But if the bottom outfit is already busy with stripes, opt for a plain top to maintain subtlety. Jogger pants and casual chinos can nail the athleisure look, but you should consider a different top to complement each. 

If bomber jackets are your thing, you may have either a traditional suede design or a trendier version featuring bonded jerseys and neoprene.

Respect the Occasion

Even though athleisure cannot replace formal wedding attire, it would be more appropriate for hanging out with workmates. Similarly, understand what’s expected of you when attending an interview for an office job to avoid misrepresenting your professional side. So, rocking a perfect athleisure style requires you to dress according to the occasion. The idea is to pull a sharp look, and depending on the affair, pick a button-down shirt and complete the style with a blazer. 

Just because athleisure has a casual aspect doesn’t mean you go sloppy. Avoid anything dull, like wearing socks with pull-on ankle pants. Choose sophisticated pieces of athleisure for more formal events. Reserve the functional activewear for casual days.

Accessorize Appropriately

Like most fashion styles, your athleisure look would be more appealing with carefully curated accessories. If you lean more towards a sporty vibe, consider pairing the attire with a statement handbag, oversized sunglasses, and a cap. Add the much-needed street look with jewelry but be careful not to overdo it. 

For example, a simple chain necklace and hoop earrings can enhance the ensemble. When heading for a night out, onlookers should know you’ve set out to have some fun as opposed to a gym session. A chic leather clutch and cuff bracelet can do the magic in adding a leisure aesthetic to your sportswear.

Function Meets Fashion

You can accomplish a fashionable and functional style if you invest in the best athleisure pieces and know how to pair them. Feel free to combine your everyday wardrobe staples like jeans with yoga pieces, e.g., sports bras and sneakers. Another great idea is to integrate high-performance fabrics with trendy items. 

A sporty but sophisticated ensemble doesn’t mean you have to look like a walking locker room. For instance, wearing biker shorts with a chunky sweater creates the perfect balance and feels modern. Or pair a crew neck jumper with jeans and sneakers; finish off the outfit with a backpack. The aim is to avoid spoiling your casual vibe with a messy style.

Channel Your Personality Through Athleisure

Start by purchasing quality joggers and crew neck sweaters. Then you can use more affordable items to build silhouettes around the statement pieces. Keep in mind that athleisure is more than a high-end street look. It can have some elements of golf, skate, and surfwear. Basing the style on your favorite sport allows people to catch a glimpse of your preferences. Note that even the hottest outfit cannot make you happy if it fails to reflect your sense of style.


From the above guidelines, styling the athleisure could mean wearing sports apparel to a no-athletic event. Imagine a casual dress that can fit into your daily routine. It’s time you say goodbye to the old leggings that keep you from rocking a trendy look. Just make sure you know where to get the best athleisure pieces and keep them neat.


Joe Maillet

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