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By AKSHITRANA 1,285 views

Benefits of using Swift 5 for creating IOS Applications

Swift is Apple’s official language for creating IOS based applications. However, this technology is pretty new and has created a buzz amongst IOS developers since it was first launched in 2014. Now with constant updates and evolution, this technology has become one of the top technologies to create IOS applications in. In these years, Swift has become the primary choice of technology for giants such as Linkedin, Twitter, Hubspot, etc. Now with the release of Swift 5, developers can create an even higher quality of IOS applications with the help of Swift.

However, to access the benefits of Swift 5, Hired IOS app developers must rewrite the whole IOS application or the sections written on Swift for accessing its benefits. For this, understanding the new features introduced in Swift 5 is very important. As without proper information making the best out of Swift 5 is almost impossible. With this article, today we will take an in-depth look into the major benefits of using Swift 5 for creating IOS applications. But before we dive into that, let us take a look into the latest features available in Swift 5.

Features available in Swift 5

Apple has introduced a number of unique features using Swift 5. These new features have enabled IOS developers to improve the quality of IOS apps by using Swift. Below is a list of few of these unique features:

  • With Swift 5, libraries in Swift has become much easier to incorporate in IOS, macOS, and WatchOS since Swift 5 is ABI Stable.
  • Swift 5 has also received a number of unique library updates as well, such as new implementation on UTF-8, modifications in Directory, and sets for faster and efficient coding.
  • It also has a few string implementation enhancements for increasing flexibility in IOS apps.
  • Swift 5 has also received certain Syntax updates as well. These updates can aid the applications written in Swift to perform faster.

Benefits of using Swift 5

Using Swift 5 can prove to be a very beneficial aspect for a merchant as it allows them to create unique and feature-rich applications for IOS devices. Further, with the introduction of new features, the whole IOS app development process can become more efficient by using Swift 5. Below is a list of few amazing benefits of using Swift 5 for IOS application development:

  1. With the use of Swift 5 merchants can easily decrease the size of their application. As the codes written in Swift 5 are binary compatible. This aids in improving the user experience. Since smaller apps aid users in installing quickly and preserving memory.
  2. Earlier glitches and app flitch were some of the major problems that merchants had to face during the app development process. But with the help of Swift 5, hired iPhone app developers can easily overcome these constraints as it is loaded with ABI Stability features.
  3. Also with the help of Swift 5 merchants can usually decrease their application launch time as well. This aids merchants in uploading their application and app updates quickly to improve the accessibility.

To Wrap Up

Swift 5 can be an amazing choice for creating unique IOS applications since it is loaded with a number of unique features and can enable developers to overcome the shortcoming of the previous version. Also, swift 5 allows merchants to improve their user experience by decreasing the size of the IOS application and making it more faster and secure. So if you are planning to improve your app quality and user experience, adapt to Swift 5 today and open up the gateways for scalability, profits, and sales.


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