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sydney trip
By JOE MAILLET 553 views

A Guide to Make your Sydney Trip Energetic

It is an impossible type of thing not to have a good time in Sydney with its beautiful beaches, dramatic harbor, restaurants, and theatres. But if you will not plan things prior, this can destroy your trip, so to learn the basics to make your Sydney trip energetic continue reading.

1. Find the Right Accommodation

We don’t think this is what we need to tell you still, most of us when planning to travel they overlook the importance of getting an accommodation prior to land. We know many people who have experienced it. So it is always wise to get your accommodation ready before leaving your own home town or country. Since we are preparing a guide for your Sydney trip, there are a lot more accommodation services at Bondi Sydney available you can choose from according to your budget and need.

2. How to Greet Locals

When once you are in Sydney and you have got your place to live and now ready to explore it, you need to know some basic things about greeting locals. You don’t need to be very much formal when you come to talk to any local, or you need their help. One can even throw in a casual “How are you?’ or “How are you going?’

3. How to Get Around

Sydney has a great public transportation system and both its trains and buses are easy and efficient to use especially within Sydney. The main attractions of this city are The Rocks, Opera House, Harbour Bridge. These spots can be easily accessed from within the City Circle line. And if you have planned a long trip to explore the city then buying an Opal card is a good idea which will allow you to hop on buses, trains, ferries, and light rails.

4. What to Wear

If you are playing or staying in the city, smart-casual dressing is key: light weight shirts, sundresses, khakis, jeans, and chinos. And if one really wants to blend in he/she needs to ditch the darker colors and stick with the lighter. Though the dress code in the restaurants and bars of Sydney are relaxed, one only has a need to throw on a blazer or a jacket in the evening as locals of this city like to look polished on a night out.

5. How to Drive and Walk

If your plan is to drive in Sydney, don’t forget the steering wheel is on the right-hand side and drive on the left-hand side. Metric system used in order to measure speeds and distances in kilometers. Similarly, when you are walking the footpath etiquette dictates that keep to the left.

6. Things to Do and See

Since you are in Sydney to explore the city, discover all the spots that attract tourists from iconic Bondi Beach and Sydney Opera to the marvelous Taronga Zoo to national parks. You will find many fascinating places to memorable things to do in this city. Below is the list of places you should visit during your Sydney trip:

  • Visit the Rocks
  • Learn to Surf
  • Visit Bondi Beach
  • Go to the Museums
  • The Tower SkyWalk
  • Visit the Hunter Valley
  • Attend Cultural Events
  • Coastal walk
  • Queen Victoria Building
  • BridgeClimb Sydney
  • Cockatoo Island
  • The Star Sydney
Joe Maillet

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