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Notre Dame
By DAMON VICKERS 2,493 views

Is Destruction of Notre Dame Symbolic of Assault on Christianity Worldwide

This is not the first time that faith had erupted communal wars. The faith was once again interrupted when Notre Dame Cathedral, which is a priceless legacy of Paris, exploded in flames. All the Catholic worshippers felt orphaned at that very moment when the Notre-Dame cathedral was turned into fire. This Cathedral is no ordinary structure of the Paris city it is the place where peoples heart resided, it purports to the masses of Paris. Notre-Dame is a precise model of a prolific architectural design. This cathedral is the essence, vitality, and cognizance of the city and its people. No matter of the communal pressures and attacks been done to this holy place, but the cathedral has stood strong throughout the ages due to the love, faith, and support of the city people. It’s one of the most visited tourist spots of the city having a religious value.

The loss at Notre Dame is a big misfortune which goes without saying. It was valuable work which is gone. It held huge importance in history. But according to the view of Damon Vickers, the loss is confined. The limestone structure is still holding up well, and the people of Paris have contributed enormously to reconstruct their place of faith, nearly a billion Euros have been vouched by contributors for the restoration of this majestic statue. Unless the project is gorged by politics, restoring the spirit of the cathedral will enhance a national project.

Notre Dame

There is no stopping of terror, communal wars nothing is changing everything is repeating still wars are fought on the name of religion, this destruction of the holy place of Christians that is Notre-Dame cathedral is nothing but religion and the communal war fought among the masses. Damon Vickers is of the view that some people want Islam to rule over and they want to demolish the spirit of Christianity, they want a mosque to be built in place of Notre-Dame cathedral but how would the people of Paris especially the Catholics would accept it. A Notre-Dame cathedral is a place which carries their heart and soul they won’t let it go in the name of communal rights. All this is nothing but the assault of Christianity which has been observed worldwide. This is not the first example when a monument was attacked on the sake of religion and communal disputes. This is nothing but a bad example portrayed by some evil elements of society. But facing all these Discussions this well-known emblem of France Notre Dame will be restored once again and this chivalric piece of art will once again be the heart of international tourism and of spiritual devotion.

Damon Vickers

Damon Vickers is the author of New York Times Bestseller, " The Day After The Dollar Crashes". He enjoys writing and public speaking

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