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Boost Your GPA
By JOE MAILLET 1,638 views

How Taking Better Notes Can Boost Your GPA

Great facts about note taking and the most important reasons why note taking is important towards improving your GPA despite the different challenges that you are likely to encounter. 

Most students do not like taking down their notes. Unfortunately, they have the wrong perception that the entire process is time-consuming and tedious. In addition, they think that provided they can access already typed notes from the internet or school website, there would be no need to take notes during the lecture session. Most students do not realize that effective note-taking skills could significantly assist them in improving their overall academic performance and that it could either make or break their grades. Researchers believe that students that take notes often pay more attention to what they are listening to. Through active listening and engaging with the learning material, as a student, you can easily improve your learning abilities and retain more information, which could be advantageous to you in the long run. 

Thanks to technological progress, students no longer need to take notes using pen and paper. Provided you have a laptop or a phone; you can easily take your notes. It is amazing to see how technology has revolutionized the entire student`s life. For instance, students no longer have to spend too much time writing their thesis statements since they can easily develop a top-notch thesis statement with writing tools, such as the thesis statement generator. On the same note, learners no longer have to spend a lot of time calculating their GPA scores manually. This is because, provided they have a laptop connected to a secure internet, they can utilize writing tools, such as the College GPA Calculator, to calculate their GPA scores. Generally, there is no doubt that students with excellent writing skills often perform better academically. This article will discuss how taking better notes can boost your GPA. 

You will concentrate more on your studies and Boost Your GPA

Most high learning institutions are filled with different sorts of distractions. Distractions could be in the form of mobile phones or friends. If you have a phone, the chances are high that you will constantly be looking at your phone to check whether you have a text message. On the same note, as a student, if you are not cautious, you could easily be distracted from your academic work. The beauty of taking better notes while in class is that you will not be distracted from your studies. You will be so careful to write what you hear. In essence, writing notes will aid in keeping you alert since your body will be active and hence, avoid feelings of distraction and drowsiness. 

Better note-taking skills will save your energy and time and reduce anxiety

By writing better notes, you will save a lot of energy and time since you will be utilizing the existing energy and time to repeat the information instead of struggling so much to recall it. When it comes to anxiety, it is vital to note that taking better notes can significantly aid in reducing anxiety. This is because a person thinks less about the possibility that they will forget specific information. In essence, taking better notes will reduce your anxiety and improve your self-confidence.  

You will participate more actively in class activities

One of the benefits of taking better notes is that it will make you become more active in different class activities. A lot of contributions usually take place as much as the contribution of knowledge and ideas. On the same note, it is vital to note that an individual becomes more cautious and alert when taking notes. In essence, better note-taking skills make an individual become more active in class activities. 

It makes you work effectively and become more creative with your ideas

Taking better notes will help you think about various concepts clearly. On the same note, your creativity will significantly increase since you will not miss anything. In addition, writing will help you maintain your focus since you will be less likely to be lost in your thoughts. Finally, you will see the positive and negative sides of something clearly.

Better note-taking skills will reduce the chances of forgetting ideas

Better note-taking skills ensure that ideas are not lost. According to researchers, in most cases, ideas that are not written are not easily remembered. In other words, it is believed that concepts that are not noted are usually easily forgotten. Therefore, you will reduce the risks of forgetting information whenever you take notes. Apparently, since your muscle and brain memory work simultaneously, the chances are high that your ideas will not be forgotten.

You will have an active learning process

Taking notes will be like making the first step towards processing the information you have in your mind. On the same note, when you start taking notes, you begin the learning process, and it becomes difficult to forget information. In most cases, when a person is cramming, information becomes stored in the short-term memory. However, taking notes makes a person active in the learning process; hence, information becomes stored in the long-term memory. 

Taking notes makes it easier for a person to communicate effectively

Most students have difficulty seeking assistance or requesting help from the right people and places for reasons best known to them. Some students are reluctant to seek assistance because they cannot communicate effectively. Apparently, having good note-taking skills will make it easier for you to communicate. Therefore, you will have less difficulty communicating with your lecturer or colleagues if you are troubled with anything. 

In conclusion, students stand to gain a lot by having excellent writing and note-taking skills. If you are among the students that negatively perceive the aspect of writing, you should strive to change your perception. Most students do not realize that effective note-taking skills could significantly assist them in improving their overall academic performance and that it could either make or break their grades. Researchers believe that students that take notes often pay more attention to what they are listening to. Students should strive to improve their note-taking skills since they stand to gain so much by possessing that skill. 

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.