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By JOHN PETERSON 1,430 views

Top 10 Technical Innovation of 2020

2020 will be synonymous with a pandemic in the history books. There’s a lot to say about 2020 for many businesses and industries as a whole, especially with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that halted almost everyone and everything. For the technology industry, there is no stopping growth and innovation, not even with COVID-19. So, in this article, we look at the top 10 technical innovations of 2020.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The rapid rise of AI means a lot for the technology industry but what’s more interesting is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to business platforms. This will continue to help the creation and empowerment of professional business operations.

This technology that can learn and apply knowledge automatically is still a tremendous force within the emerging technology market.

  1. The Growth of the Internet

There’s a new technology emerging from the need for faster internet connection for organizations and individual customers. This is causing the industry to respond.

With 5G around the corner, we are about to experience unprecedented internet speed. This will lead to an increase in productivity for employees, reliable tools for communication, etc. We are sure that 5G will change the world the same way that the introduction of the internet did in the first place.

  1. Smart Homes

We are getting to incorporate our lives even more with smart technologies, which doesn’t exclude our homes. Our homes’ interaction is changing with an increasing demand for home entertainment systems and even brighter appliances. A recent college paper predicted this to become even more significant in the coming years.

With the current patterns, it is noticeable that there is more demand for control by how we engage technologies in our homes. Flexible viewing surfaces are something that we have to start looking out for.

  1. Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things, devices’ connectivity has become very seamless without requiring any human input. This technology combines information from the different devices connected within the network, making it possible to get analytics of systems. The platforms, datasets, and devices give the enterprise more insight to increase efficiency.

  1. Blockchain Technology

The need to manage transactions and secure them over the internet is rapidly rising, and the answer to this is Blockchain technology.

Blockchain is mainly used in the context of cryptocurrency transactions and is now a significant part of business platforms. It brings transparency to different business roles. Numerous business advancements have blockchain as the core technology behind them.

  1. Quantum Computing

This is a technology innovation that’s still very much on the rise. However, it is very intriguing that businesses, analysts, and even governments are working very hard on it. It is a race to create the first fully functional quantum computer/supercomputer.

Unlike the on-premise machines currently in use, quantum computers will likely become a cloud service because of the incredible computational power that it possesses. With IBM already offering cloud-based quantum computing, quantum computing is already gaining more ground.

  1. Serverless Computing

This is also known as FaaS (Function as a Service) and is rising technology innovation. With this technology, companies can develop applications that allow them to respond to demands that change quickly because of the magnitude of orders. FaaS is a platform for developers to develop and deploy applications quickly and cost-effectively.

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This is one of the fields of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn and understand humans’ languages. As stated in the write my assignment platform, a human language is converted to a programming language with Speech-to-text. In contrast, a computer operation is converted into an audible response with text-to-speech.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are starting to change people’s interaction with data, machines, etc. This technology uses sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality to improve the flexibility of execution, individual productivity, and operational efficiency.

  1. Personalized Cancer Vaccines

The creation of cancer vaccines will be one of the most significant technological innovations in medicine and one of the most incredible medical breakthroughs. With ongoing scientific projects and advances like the Human Genome Project, these vaccines may be personalized for patients. This will make it an even more significant breakthrough.

While it sounds odd, the belief is that it is possible to train the body’s immune system to identify cancerous growth cells and also destroy them before longspun. 2020 brought us closer to accomplishing this, and when this is accomplished, that will be the end of cancerous growth.


The list of all technological innovations in 2020 is almost inexhaustible, and this only proves one thing: it’s impossible to stop the growth of technology. The way 2020 played out proves this. While we are unable to write on all the technologies, here’s an article on the technologies that made it to our top 10 list for you to enjoy.

John Peterson

John Peterson works as a writer for the magazine ‘Shop and Buy.’ He is from London and has four years’ experience as an academic writer, blogger, and news writer.

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