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Recent Technologies That Are Becoming Popular Today

You may have heard the proverb again and again in your life. Change is the only factor which is permanent and will remain in this world. And if there is one field where changes always occur every second, it is technology. In this article, let us focus on some technologies that are becoming popular today. Some have already made quite an impact in many industries.

Recent Technologies That Are Becoming Popular Today

Advancements in Technology

Just take five minutes and make a list of the technical advancements done in two decades. In the 1990s, you have to wait to make a phone call at the STD booth. Today, with mobiles becoming popular, you can make an international call.

In the 1980s, many films came to Hollywood which had machines or supercomputers as the villain. These machines were smarter than humans, and though manufactured by humans had evil intentions. Cut to the present, there are many software applications implemented in machines, which are beneficial to humans.

5G technology

1. Recent Technologies – 5G

The time has come for 5G. And as per technology experts, you can get them on the mobile by the end of December 2019. Ten times faster than 4G, the internet for individual homes can become faster by this technology. But yes, the developers and engineers are having a hard time as they have to adapt to the new internet.

email marketing

2. Recent Technologies – Email Marketing – Emphasis on Personal Information

There are times when you have received junk mail in your email folder. When opened, it will usually be from a reputed bank asking to take a loan. But in the olden days, the mail content used to be generalized words and phrases. The heading will be Dear Sir/Madam and all.

In recent times, you can get the spam mail. But it will be more specific and related to your personal identity. The mail will contain your name and the content will be modified. In similar fashion, in the future, with the development and implementation of AI in marketing emails, there will be more personalized words and ads, and yes more generation of revenue to the banks and other companies.

The washington post

3. Recent Technologies – Automation Articles

Do you know that there exist machines which can spin articles by the dozen? If not, please note, that AI algorithms can write articles if given the sufficient data. For example, The Washington Post is making use of Heliograf, the AI implemented algorithm to churn out stories.

driverless cars

4. Recent Technologies – Automotive Industry – Driverless Cars

Have you seen James Bond movies? This super spy is also famous for its gadgets. With just a twitch on his watch, he can make the car come to the desired destination. Well, the same technology is going to become a reality very soon.

And the search engine giant, Google is making ready the new technological innovation, driverless cars. So, this car will have AI applications and sensors. The car will be designed in such a way that it will stop at traffic lights, spot pedestrians crossing the road, and follow the same instructions as a human driving the car.

augmented reality

5. Recent Technologies – Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Both the new technologies have been lapped up by shopping customers online and offline. Imagine, you are shopping online on an e-commerce website. You selected an earring and wanted to make a purchase. But how will you decide, if the dress suits your personality? Here is where augmented reality comes to prominence. If AR has been installed on the website, you can make use of the application to check if the earring suits well in your ears.

This augmented reality and virtual reality makes a potent combination. Your spouse wants to buy a new sofa for the living room of your house. Now, you have gone to the store after taking an image of the living room on your mobile. Your spouse selects a particular sofa, but she is doubtful whether it will fit into the room. Now make use of the VR glasses and check with the image. Then she can make a decision.

home automation

6. Recent Technologies – Home Automation

Do you keep tabs on the home improvement industry? Then you must know many smart home appliances have entered the market. You have the smart washing machine, smart fridge and many more. So, what are the benefits? Previously, you have to switch on/off the appliance and do every work manually. But now you can make these appliances work or get the task completed with just your voice.

Here are examples to make you understand the situation.

  • A. It is the weekend and you want to wash clothes in the smart washing machine. You load the clothes and modify the settings. And because of work pressure in your home, you have forgotten the washing machine. No problem! After the wash is over, an alert gets sent to your mobile from the washing machine. In case you want the washing machine to start its cycle again, then you need to send a text.
  • B. Let us focus on the smart fridge. You have made a list of items that are not present in the fridge. But in the mall, you have lost the list. No problem, switch on the internet in your mobile and then go for the fridge app. Open the app, and check the contents of the fridge. The list, you can make.
  • C. Please note, there is another technology in combination with a smart home. Internet of Things. It is the concept where every electronic home appliance gets connected to a common network or system.
  • D. There is also another benefit. For example, you are a twenty member joint family. If you install a smart home lock, then before opening the door, it will first scan your face and the door gets opened. On the other hand, if a new visitor comes to the door, the application will first recognize it as a new person and sound an alarm.

7. Recent Technologies – Artificial Intelligence Robots

For example, AI robots have taken the job of manual tasks done by humans. In customer care companies, many of the simple requests are handled by chatbots. Let us imagine, you are working as the leader of customer care operations in a reputed company dealing with washing machine service in Bangalore and Mumbai. Your company has entered in partnership with a start-up which provides the best technicians for TV repair service Mumbai. The same company also has other handyman professionals to cater to the repair of every home appliance.

Now for your company customers, you have a proper customer care service team. But the simple queries are handled by chatbots (working on AI applications). They can handle simple requests and queries. The complex queries, get routed to a human. So, AI chatbots have replaced humans in customer care operations.


So, these are the recent technologies that are becoming popular today. And they will definitely make an impact in the future. Do you want to get more information regarding these types of technologies? Interested? Please note, that our subscription letter is free.

Shivaji Sathya Patil

Ranganath M is a digital marketing expert. He is known for devising digital marketing strategies. He is the Vice President (Promotions) for the popular start-up Bro4u.

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