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When we were kids, we always used to imagine what the future would be like. I remember dreaming of soaring high in the sky with the help of flying cars or traveling through time in a time machine. We all remember dreaming of traveling through space in a rocket by the year 2020. But to be honest, this stuff only happens in the movies. Obviously, by this year you cannot expect teleportation to become a real thing or expect flying cars at your service.

But it can be said that we are getting close. I mean, look around for a minute, aren’t we living in an era dominated by smartphones, live streaming, and social networks. Right now, instead of having flying cars, we have hoverboards. We are living in a time where we have the entire world right on our fingertips. We can gain access to any information, call for any service, and get updates on social media on all sorts of events in a matter of seconds.

Within just ten years, the technology around us has evolved mercilessly. You can observe how social media platforms have started to get perceived as critical marketing tools instead of just podiums, where people once showcased their profiles. People have started making money out of these podiums. You can also see how many of us rely on personal assistance services such as Siri and Alexa, to help us accomplish the simplest of tasks.

So, if this much happened in the last ten years, then what is awaited in this decade? Do you have any clue? What will the roaring 2020’s will bring us? Are we getting any closer to getting flying cars? Or are we going to have to stick to the hoverboards? Let’s find out:

If you are interested in knowing what exciting latest tech trends year 2020 awaits you, then you have landed just right. Read this blog thoroughly to educate yourself on new tech trends for this decade and enjoy it!

  • Hyper-automation

One of the latest tech trends for this year is going to be hyper-automation that is bound to take automation to the next level. It brings us a fusion of modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate traditional processes making tasks more manageable and effective.  It combines a series of different tools and forms a complete software package that aims at replicating tasks previously performed by humans. So, basically, hyper-automation is here to make our lives easier. It is here to replace our work, you know the functions that we used to find hard and that required a considerable amount of time, hyper-automation will take cover from now on.

  • Democratization of Expertise

Another new tech trend, known as the democratization of technology, will bring a compelling change in this new decade. It will completely change the way people interact with technology so, more can become accessible to it. It is meant basically to eliminate the need for extensive training procedures required to understand the working of a particular technology. This latest new tech trend isn’t something new. It has been used every now and then by a group of citizen developers. Being used for IT purposes previously, it has become more popular among citizen developers such as business analyst that need to undergo different business challenges and require to automate digital workers. This new tech trend is designed to focus on four primary areas, namely application development, data and analytics, design, and knowledge, respectively.

  • Multi experience

Another latest tech trend, known as multi-experience, is concerned with shifting from a regular keyboard two-dimensional screen to a much more modern multi-dynamic kind of interface. It deals with the usage of augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, multi-purpose human-machine interfaces, and other different latest new tech trends for sensing.

By Artificial Intelligence (AI), the way people interact with the digital world has changed tremendously. Apart from AI, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) have drastically changed the way people interact in the digital world. This combined fusion of how people interact and perceive the digital world with the help of these technologies will pave the way for the multi-sensory and more multi-modal experience. This new tech trend may seem new right now, but over this next decade, it will become prevailing.

  • Human Augmentation

Coming down to human augmentation, which is another latest tech trend, human augmentation deals with improving the physical and cognitive capacities of human beings with the help of technology. By developing technologies in factories or the battlefield, any company can leverage human augmentation, and some have even started to.

You might already be familiar with PSM hero 175 that is meant to reduce risk hazards for factory workers and increase safety precautions in the mining industries. Similarly, human augmentation is also aimed at developing such wearable devices that are aimed at providing more worker safety and increase worker productivity. This latest new tech trend will definitely change the way we perceive technology to an increasing level of magnitude.

  • Transparency and Traceability

With greater power comes greater responsibility, as we all know the usage of internet will stay on a high rise this decade, the demand to control data and provide data security to its users will always remain prevalent. There is no running away from it. Users are growing more concerned day by day about their data privacy, and I don’t blame them! With the rise in cybercrimes, they have all the right to do so. Such concerns drive transparency and traceability to become a dominant factor in the digital world.

Also, as more companies deploy AI and make use of machine learning in the upcoming years, the more they are more likely to fall trap of cybercrimes. Hence, these issues have given birth to a new tech trend that strives towards providing trust, integrity, openness, consistency, and more accountability.

Wrap Up

Don’t expect flying cars this new decade, but do expect all the latest tech trends mentioned above. The world is about to become a better place but don’t count on it too much because everything comes with its pros and cons. But you can always rely on various tech content writing services who have expert onboard and will assist you in any tech-related query.

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