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The Boiling Carb
By THE BOILING CRAB 1,326 views

The Boiling Crab | Everything You Need to Know

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life, especially when you eat good food to your satisfaction. You feel fulfilled while you nourish your body at the same time. If you are the type that eats out, then there are things to look out for. First is the cleanliness of the restaurant, the quality of ingredients used in cooking, and so on. Hence, you have to carefully select a clean restaurant that uses fresh ingredients to avoid food poisoning. This is even more important if you are the type that loves seafood. Seafood needs careful selection and preparation. Examples of seafood are crabs, shrimps, crayfish and fish. There is one restaurant that is clean and provides customers with fine dining when it comes to seafood. The restaurant is called The Boiling Crab.

About The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab is a franchise restaurant with branches in different countries including the US, China, and Australia. The crabs in this restaurant are famous for their big size and large tails. The restaurant itself is one of the largest crab restaurants in the area that produces the best crab. In addition, their seafood is always fresh and full of flavours. Normally, fishermen are known for drinking and telling fishing stories when they gather together. They recount their experiences while on the sea, including the difficulties they met while fishing. Some of these stories are interesting and can even be made into movies! However, it is a different scenario for The Boiling Crab fishermen. Their fishermen leave work on time and go home to spend time with their families. They take along the food they caught and spices to cook at home for themselves and their families. And sometimes, Boiling Crab fishermen do drink too. But most times, they spend their days with their relatives. Furthermore, at The Boiling Crab, instead of telling stories, the restaurant records the stories every day. Customers can find the stories on shabang sauces displayed on bibs and beers distributed to tables. You can also see our stories displayed on the faces of people in the room as they smile with joyfulness. It is said that the greatest stories are not only told, but are tasted, felt, and lived.

The Establishment of The Boiling Crab

The first Boiling Crab was established in Seadrift in Texas, U.S. The fishermen in that city were hardworking and worked all year round. The fishermen and their families were adept at fishing for various seafood for consumption and sale. One such fisherman is Yo Daddy. Yo Daddy lived in Seadrift, Texas, and worked as a fisherman. In 1995, the man met a Kansas lady later known as Yo Mama and fell in love with her. As someone who lived in Kansas, the lady had few chances to eat seafood delicacies, but knew how to cook. But when she met Yo Daddy, that changed. She was acquainted with different types of seafood. So when she met Yo Daddy, she started cooking tasty seafood that Yo Daddy caught in the sea.

When the couple realized that their passion for good food is beyond ordinary, they decided to monetize it. Besides, Yo Daddy and Mama are hospitable people who know how to entertain guests perfectly. Because of this, both decided to open a crab restaurant called The Boiling Crab. Nearly two decades after establishing its first restaurant, the food chain business is standing tall with different branches globally.

Benefits of Going to the Boiling Crab

You should know that the Boiling Crab is equipped to cater to your seafood needs. However, not all branches of the restaurant will have all the menus. So you should call beforehand to ask if a Boiling Crab near you has a particular food you desire.

  • Customers can eat different kinds of seafood, crabs, and crab body parts.
  • Customers have the opportunity to choose different varieties of sauces and spices to go with their food. You may even combine two or more sauces and spices. In addition, you may opt for spicy sauces or the non-spicy variant.
  • Diners can decide not to use sauce or add it to their food. If a diner opts for no sauce, then he/she can order half-naked seafood or naked seafood.
  • There is an option for fried seafood and fried chicken, or only fried seafood.
  • The Boiling Crab offers something called ‘Extras’ on the menu. These are side dishes or extra dressings that are provided with the seafood. This option is for those who don’t want to only eat seafood. Examples are potatoes, rice, fries, salad, mayonnaise, cream, cocktails, and so on.
  • Purchase Gift Cards: Customers can purchase gift cards for their loved ones and also check the balance left on the cards.

Lastly, The Boiling Crab is not only a food joint but a relaxation area that has a good ambiance. You can enjoy any seafood of your choice and dress it up anyhow you want. The restaurant follows a strict cleanliness routine and never disobeys any food regulations.