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The Chosen Season 4
By LARREN SMITH 385 views

The Chosen Season 4 – The Journey Continues

As we eagerly await “The Chosen Season 4”, exciting updates have come our way. Filming for the new season is currently underway, and the show has been kind enough to share some sneak peek videos. In addition to that, we recently got news that Lionsgate has acquired the rights to distribute the series.

This means that “The Chosen” will now have a wider audience and more opportunities to shine. In this article, we will take a closer look at four intriguing glimpses into what Season 4 has to offer, and we’ll also explore what this distribution deal means for the show’s relationship with Angel Studios. Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of “The Chosen Season 4” and all the exciting things that lie ahead.

What is The Chosen?

“The Chosen” is a TV series that revolves around the life of Jesus Christ. It is based on the four books of the Bible called the Gospels, which share different perspectives on his birth, life, and death. You can easily stream all three seasons of the show on Angel’s website, as well as on Peacock and The Chosen app. Additionally, the first season can also be found on Netflix.

Behind the Scenes of “The Chosen” Season 4

“The Chosen” Season 4 is now being filmed, and the creators have given fans a sneak peek behind the scenes. In a video, we see the set being prepared for filming, with the crew arranging props and furniture. One exciting part is Simon and Eden’s house, which looks amazing and will immerse us in their world. The creators also shared another video on social media, showing the first day on set for The Chosen Season 4.

Dallas Jenkins, the genius behind “The Chosen,” said that this season won’t be as visually fancy as before, but it will still be emotional and meaningful. The storylines will touch our hearts deeply. One powerful moment in The Chosen Season 4 is the death of John the Baptist, which the cast members think is a really important part of the series. Surprisingly, the same set used for Eden’s mikvah, a water bath, will be the backdrop for this significant event. Jenkins hints that Season 4 will be a turning point in the story, saying, “This is where it starts to turn.”

The journey becomes more emotionally challenging as tensions rise and characters face tests. Another video introduces us to the actors playing Gaius, Atticus, and Quintus in the series. We see Gaius, played by Kirk B. R. Woller, talking about how Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount challenges his beliefs. The teaser also shows conflicts between Roman authorities and Atticus grappling with Jesus walking on water. In a nice scene from the filming recap, we see one of the disciples, Luke Dimyan, who plays Judas, doing laundry.

Dimyan talks about his character’s journey and how he sees Judas as a figure like “Sir Lancelot to Jesus’ King Arthur.” Judas struggles to balance the spiritual and physical worlds throughout the series. The production also adds excitement with the first-night shot of the series, which took two nights of filming. We see Jesus’ disciples having a heated argument around a fire, unaware that they are not the only ones awake at night in their Texas setting.

Lastly, the filming recap takes us to “stunt week.” Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus, is seen carrying a container of “mud,” made from peanut butter powder. The cast and crew also film their rowdiest crowd scene yet, promising a truly memorable spectacle. These glimpses into “The Chosen” Season 4 show that it will continue to captivate audiences with its emotional depth, intricate storytelling, and revealing moments.

The Chosen Season 4: Release Date and Filming Locations

The Chosen Season 4 will be released in 2024, most probably in January and February!It will be released exclusively in Theaters. Although we don’t know the exact date for the first episode, filming started in March 2023. They are shooting this season in two places: Goshen, Utah, and Camp Hoblitzelle in Midlothian, Texas. Goshen is being used as a backdrop for scenes that take place in Jerusalem, just like in the previous seasons.

Camp Hoblitzelle is being used for outdoor settings that look like ancient Israel. They even have a really big space indoors for filming. Goshen, a quaint town in the southern region of Utah County, holds a remarkable treasure – a meticulously crafted replica of the ancient city of Jerusalem, embraced by the vast desert landscape. Typically off-limits to external organizations, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, custodian of this captivating set, made an exception for “The Chosen” after thoughtful discussions with church leaders. Stretching across an expanse comparable to a football field or two, the Jerusalem set boasts magnificent structures inspired by antiquity, as reported by the Deseret News.

The project’s director, Dallas Jenkins, has raved about the set’s enchanting appeal. Nestled within the idyllic town of Goshen, the set’s location evokes a sense of serenity and divine connection. Jenkins affectionately refers to the entire Beehive State as “Chosen country.” Camp Hoblitzelle, nestled in Midlothian, Texas, constitutes the other remarkable location used by “The Chosen.” Owned by the Salvation Army and situated just south of Dallas, this serene site flawlessly mimics the outdoor grandeur of ancient Israel, providing the perfect backdrop for select scenes.

In crafting this retelling of a timeless story, both Goshen and Camp Hoblitzelle stand as testaments to the meticulous artistry and dedication behind “The Chosen.” With their innate charm and remarkable resemblance to historical settings, these locations ensure an immersive experience that transports viewers to a captivating world. The Chosen Season 4 will have eight episodes and will continue to show more stories from the Bible about Jesus and His followers.

Lionsgate Acquires Distribution Rights for “The Chosen”

Lionsgate has just acquired the rights to distribute the popular TV series, “The Chosen.” This means that Lionsgate will now be responsible for making the show available to people all over the world. The show already has millions of viewers from many different countries, and they plan to make it available in even more languages. The creator of “The Chosen,” Jenkins, believes that Lionsgate is the perfect fit for the series and will help protect its uniqueness.  Lionsgate’s President of Worldwide Television Distribution, Jim Packer, is excited to bring the show to the best platforms worldwide.

It’s important to note that while Angel Studios, the original platform for the series, still has the rights to it, the partnership with Lionsgate allows for the show to be made available outside of Angel Studios and “The Chosen” apps. This collaboration between Lionsgate and “The Chosen” is expected to bring the show to new heights and introduce it to an even bigger audience.

Final Words

“The Chosen Season 4” is an exciting new chapter that fans can look forward to. With filming underway and Lionsgate acquiring the rights to distribute the series, the show will reach a wider audience and provide new opportunities for success. Viewers can expect emotional depth, intricate storytelling, and revealing moments as they dive into the fascinating world of “The Chosen Season 4.”

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