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Adult circumcision surgery
Adult circumcision surgery
By ANGELA JOHN 3,118 views

The Pros and Cons of Adult Circumcision Surgery

There was a time when the number of uncircumcised men was more in the world we live in today. However, compared to years ago, the number of circumcised men today has increased to a great number.  Adult circumcision surgery is a subject that people lightly touch and this makes it an unclear topic for most. For adult men, it is often an uncomfortable topic, but you should know that circumcision is the surgical procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin of the penis.

During the surgical procedure, a specialist or experienced doctor will push away the foreskin from the tip of the penis. They surgically trim the foreskin and stitch the edges with medical sutures that dissolve over time. For this procedure, surgeons could choose different techniques. At the end of the procedure, the small dissolvable stitches or sutures will take their time to dissolve. After the surgery, doctors often discharge the patient on the same day.

Reasons to Opt for Circumcision Surgery

There are many reasons why men opt for circumcision. Some choose it because rolling back the foreskin is a problem for them; usually, the medical term “phimosis” affects them. Sometimes the foreskin remains stuck at the back of the penis head (the condition called “paraphimosis.” With circumcision surgery, these problems soon fade away. Another medical reason may be due to diseases such as Balanitis, where the foreskin retracts beyond the tip of the penis and does not go back to the original position, and this leaves the penis inflamed. Some men also choose the surgery to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and provide a better environment for genital hygiene.

However, some men opt for the surgery for a religious, cultural or social reason. For example, talking about religious reasons, it is “Brit Milah” in Judaism and marks the covenant between God and Abraham. Most people choose to circumcise their sons when they are older for the preparation of the afterlife to protect them.

At other times, men opt for it for personal reasons. Could be for sexual performance, where some men find their foreskin interferes during intercourse and reaching climax becomes difficult for both partners.

With the reasons clear, what could be the other pros and cons of adult Circumcision Center surgery?

The Pros of Adult Circumcision Surgery

  1. Along with preventing medical problems or diseases like paraphimosis, phimosis, and balanoposthitis, circumcision helps to remove the possibility of foreskin retraction problem and prevents the swelling of the glans.
  2. It helps to reduce the chance of urinary tract infection occurring. Although most men are at a risk of contracting urinary tract infections, it is not really impossible. Removing the foreskin of the penis means less chance of bacteria transferring during sexual intercourse and traveling back up the tract into the bladder. Improper hygiene or wiping of the foreskin also increases the chance of urinary tract infections.
  3. Since circumcision reduces the chance of bacterial activity, it reduces the risks of HIV transmission. Although some men can still contract STDs, there are some studies that conclude it is less likely if condoms are not used, but there is no need for the encouragement of not using condoms.
  4. Although some parents prefer to have their sons circumcised when they are infants, many believe that doing so while they are older helps them to experience fewer problems and a better recovery.
  5. Some men also complain their foreskin is stuck in their zipper. Thus, circumcision helps to prevent this problem!

The Cons of Adult Circumcision

  1. A great disadvantage that most men face is a greater recovery time. After the circumcision surgery, doctors often recommend staying away from strenuous activity for 4 weeks. It is also advisable to refrain from sex for about 2 weeks. The recovery period for adult men, however, depends on different healing rates. Some experience shorter or longer recovery times.
  2. Although some men say that circumcision helps with enhanced sexual performance, there is no enough evidence that suggests otherwise.
  3. The procedure is irreversible. Although some men willingly opt for it, some men end up regretting it later in the days.
  4. It is rare but there are some incidents where surgeons cut the skin too short or long. This can result in erectile problems. If the skin is cut too short, there would not be sufficient skin to allow full erection.
  5. Since about 30-40% of the skin is snipped off, it may result in an overall reduction of the size, but not so much to have a negative impact. It just changes the perception of the penis in terms of the appearance and some research shows that most erect penises about 8mm shorter.
  6. Sometimes, your partner may not feel comfortable to sleep with an uncircumcised man, which can lead to mental or emotional strain. For both, this can turn out to be something embarrassing.

Often, circumcision is a topic that has lots of debate around it and a much-heated one. However, for whatever reason you choose circumcision; make sure that you choose the best surgeons in your area for the procedure.

Angela John

Angela John is working as a Content Strategist. She is a Beauty Blogger, health Blogger and public speaker. Her goal is to educate people about various health conditions, beauty, wedding events and the top tips and tricks. She is a passionate writer with the vision to guide people about latest trends in these categories.