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entrepreneur - Stanislav Komsky

5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Consider In Everyday Life

According to Stanislav Komsky to become a successful entrepreneur, time management is the key. There is a time when you need to say “No” and there is a time when you need to say “yes”. Saying yes or no at the right time is what make you a winner in the competitive environment. In the end, time is an important component that defines your success or failure.

So here are five efforts you should make time for no matter how much workload or responsibilities you are dealing with.

Must Build Relationships through Networking


Networking is something different from the normal conversation or handshaking. Basically, networking is about building strong professional relationships that enrich our business and our lives. If you actually want to connect with others, you have to devote time and create consistency. Through networking, you get more opportunities to share new ideas, innovations, and knowledge with the leaders, CEO, and peers. Maybe your success is one conversation away, you never know!

Finding Stress Release Activities

Psychology behavior plays a key role in entrepreneur life. It sometimes creates and chronic stress, physical and mental pressure, lowered immunity and not allow you to concentrate on tasks at hand. In the long run, they ultimately impact both your health and business.

Therefore, instead of viewing stress relief outlets — exercise, yoga or other such activities, for instance — as time-wastage that block precious calendar time, consider them as essential for you and your business well-being.

Mentoring and Developing Your Team

Everyone knows that to run a business successfully, employees are the key. After all, they are your most valuable asset. Therefore, training and developing your employees in the search of their passion is not only contributing to their personal development but also it will help in the growth of the business as well. And you can do that by giving them space to explore teams and projects that fetch their interest.

Taking Vacation

In the corporate world, everything is uncertain, indeed. Therefore to lead in the competitive environment taking a leave for an entrepreneur is quite scary, as it often we can’t miss the upcoming opportunity.

It shows that you cannot afford not to step away. Though it has many benefits – which includes better sleep, stress relief, increased productivity and even heart disease prevention — vacations force you to get yourself to delegate work to others. And you must give employees the opportunity to show you they can direct the business while you’re away, and they have to do that.  It somewhere helps you to build and nurture your team’s growth and make room for yourself, after a break you will be able to focus on higher priority tasks.

Connecting with Customers

Every successful entrepreneur including Stanislav Komsky believes that customers are the one who makes us and build our business in a competitive environment. Therefore, it is essential to connect with customers on regular basis. However, if you don’t know different ways to connect with your customers, you can host an “Ask Me Anything” webinar. Nowadays almost every business do that.

Final Words

So, these are the 5 a must do things that every entrepreneur should adopt in order to reach new heights in the corporate world.

Stanislav Komsky

Stanislav Komsky is a veteran entrepreneur and business consultant. With his business strategies and innovative ideas, he loves to help people in their startup.