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Gas Cutting Guide
By JACK LOUIS 954 views

Things for Consideration While Buying Gas Cutting Guide Kit

Gas cutting or more technically oxy-fuel welding and cutting is a process where fuel gases are used to cut or weld metals. There were two French engineers namely Edmond Fouché and Charles Picard who first developed this method. There are various top quality gas cutting guide kits which help in welding metals.

In this process oxygen is used in its purest form to boost the flame temperature which allows restricted melting of the metal (generally steel) at room temperature. There is a welding torch which fuses metals. Single tank torch fails to melt most metals but can be used for soldering and brazing. Oxy-fuel is one of the most primitive processes that have been used for welding, besides forge welding. But in recent times, this process is rarely used in industrial works as there are several other arc welding methods which provide more stable mechanical weld properties and also prompt application. Gas cutting is generally used in smaller home based shops and in metal based artwork and also in situations where there is limited access to electricity.

Gas cutting process is a very risky process. Various accidents can occur while handling the chemicals used in this process. For instance, if you accidentally make contact with carbon steel and liquid nitrogen it will result in fracture. Liquid nitrogen can cause cold burns. Thus while dealing with such dangerous and flammable chemicals such as oxy-acetylene, hydrogen, LPG etc. one must be equipped with safety measures and top quality gas cutting guide kit.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Gas Cutting Guide Kit

  • Ascertain the Cost Accordingly: Checking the weight of the gas that will be used for welding or cutting purpose is one of the first things that are needed to be done. The weight will give you an idea of the corresponding cost associated with it.
  • Determine the Oxygen Content: The amount of oxygen you will need determines the set up cost of the process. Thus you should check how much oxygen you need before starting the cutting process.
  • Determine the Thickness and Heat: The amount of labor you will need depends on the amount of heat needed for gas cutting and the thickness required. Thus the cost of labor can be ascertained from this which in turn affects the total cost. Even the kind of fuel whether secondary or distortion depends on this factor.
  • Ensure Ventilation: The ventilation system should always be checked before starting gas cutting process. The room should be properly ventilated to let out welding emissions. There should always be an exhaust hood while working with harmful gases and materials.
  • Ensure About Safety Measures and Precautions: This kind of work involves exposure to high flames. So it is very much essential to protect your eyes and skin from harmful gases. Injuries like skin irritation, infra-red radiation penetration, ulcers are very common to occur. Thus a top quality gas cutting guide kit must be provided with a full body suit and glasses to cover the body and eyes.
  • The gas cylinders containing chemicals should be properly labeled as mixing of different fuels and oxygen may lead to fatal accident. The pressure regulators and gauges should also be monitored and the flame regulator should also be used properly. There should always be a blowpipe attached to the valve for the letting out the oxygen through a proper route. Proper preventive measure should be provided while working with combustible gases. Contamination with grease or oil should be avoided. It should also be provided with firefighting supplies in case of emergencies.

Jack Louis

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