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By LUCY CARTER 2,513 views

10 Very Best Things to do in Chicago

So, you’ve decided to visit Chicago, which is undeniably a lovely city. Whether you’re traveling with your family, friends, love, or wife/husband, the town offers incredible sights to see that will bring delight to your heart and mind. To make things easier for you while planning your vacation, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Very Best Things To Do In Chicago, and yes, if you’re searching for a budget travel option, keep reading to find out which airlines can help you; to save money!

Chicago is one of America’s main cities, with a diverse range of modern marvels and cultural attractions. Beautiful skyscraper views with amazing cityscapes are available from a variety of stunning locations along Lake Michigan.

10 Very Best Things To Do In Chicago

Between April and October is the optimum time to explore this stunning location. Not only is the weather is ideal for travel during this time, but there are also a number of events taking place.  To name a few. 

Ruido Fest and Yung Pinch – 20 August 2021

Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash- 21 August 2021

Summer Smash Festival – 22 August 2021

Train à Chicago à Ravinia Festival- 28 August 2021

You may get additional information by looking at the list of future events for the day and time of your visit. To book a flight at a low cost, go to the Jetblue airline website and select the Jetblue Book a flight option.

Make the most of your stay in Chicago by planning beforehand.  Let’s check out 10 Very Best Things To Do In Chicago.

Chicago’s Navy Pier

With its iconic Ferris wheel, Chicago’s Navy Pier stretches out onto Lake Michigan. You may visit hundreds of little stores, wonderful restaurants, garden spaces, seasonal exhibitions, and old attractions as you go along the entire pier.

It’s one of the best things to do in Chicago if you’re looking to relax. In addition, the Navy Pier features amazing fireworks displays and is particularly enjoyable during the summer months.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is the most famous and intriguing green space in Chicago. The park was founded around the turn of the millennium and offered various events throughout the year. Please go through the calendar of upcoming activities and events when you arrive because they are usually quite enjoyable.

With a dash of culture, attend one of the performances on the Great Lawn or in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. If you don’t, bring a ball or two to Wrigley Field’s famed Stadium.

The Bean

The Bean is a lovely and stunning reflecting sculpture called Cloud Gate. Cloud Gate is amazing to see and a very iconic feature that Chicago has become. If you appreciate modern art, the Cloud Gate in Chicago is undoubtedly one of the finest things to do. If you want to escape crowds, you’ll have to come early in the morning. 

Art Institute of Chicago

Grant Park is home to the magnificent Chicago Art Institute, one of the most historic and largest art museums in the United States. It’s one of the best things to do in Chicago if you’re an art lover.

Magnificent Mile

Come to the Beautiful Mile for a broad selection of foreign boutiques, restaurants, and live entertainment if you’re looking for the city’s most magnificent natural and architectural features. After all, this is one of Chicago’s most well-known locations. With all sorts of fantastic attractions, the Magnificent Mile is a must-see for anyone in Chicago.

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

Perhaps an aquarium isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when considering places to visit in a large international city, but the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is not to be missed! It is the world’s largest indoor aquarium, with over 8,000 aquatic species.

Shedd is also focused on teaching, promoting, and displaying the most effective strategies to protect the marine environment and enhance the oceans’ status.

Wrigley Field

Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, you’ve probably heard of Wrigley Field. If you like baseball, you may take a daily or group tour of Wrigley Field or even play a game if you arrive at the right time. Then head to The Chicago Diner for a hearty meal that will immediately fill you up.

Willis Tower

Another well-known skyscraper in Chicago is Willis Tower. The Ledge, also known as the Skydeck, is a relatively rare glass box and a box on the Willis Tower’s observation deck. Visitors may view the city from below. Because The Ledge’s glass floors dangle out off the side of the building, the view could be worth missing.

John Hancock Center

Located on North Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, The John Hancock Center is a massive skyscraper. It is one of the city’s most recognizable structures. The 360 CHICAGO, located on the 94th floor, offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and the Great Mile.

Lincoln Park Zoo 

The Zoo, set in a magnificent park with lush grass and attractive promenades, greets visitors with a gorgeous greenhouse and Georgian Revival grandeur. Elephants, sea lions, giraffes, reptiles, gorillas, and the Red Wolf are among the Zoo’s most famous residents. Check out their website for a list of upcoming events and activities at the Zoo.

The Bottom Line 

In particular, when you are there for the first time, Chicago provides several wonderful points to discover. There are still many entertaining things to do, even if you have been to Chicago a few times. Check the booking of Sun country cancellation policy throughout the summer months, because they always offer interesting bargains and deals. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to see a city that is always developing and have something new to explore each time. 

It is always a good idea to prepare ahead of time. Since we have already made things a bit easier for you, visiting some of these places will undoubtedly make your holiday enjoyable. You will have a fantastic experience whether you are traveling alone, with children, teenagers, or just adults. Don’t forget to get the pass if you want to save money on combined entry to numerous dynamic locations with varied interests and preferences ( Go Chicago Pass). 

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