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The word ‘Wig’ is essentially a short version of ‘Periwig’. A wig is used as a covering for the head and may be made of different materials.  Over the years, the wigs have transformed drastically. You will find women’s wigs and hairpieces for women in different styles and sizes. You can wear as per the requirement.  Wigs have been in trend since ancient times, and the first recorded use of wigs can be found in Egyptian history. During the 16th and 17th century, the European royal families brought the use of wigs back into the limelight. The royal families used beautifully created wigs as part of their attire.

What are Women’s Wigs Made of?

Few different materials are used to create women’s wigs.  Whether you are looking for synthetic wigs or human hair wigs, wholesale wigs distributors will offer you with a range of wigs. However, before you buy wigs, it is important to know what material is used to make wigs-

  1. Wigs are most commonly made of Human hair. The wigs which are made of human hair are the best kind of wigs, as they are made of natural material (Human hair), and thus they are comfortable to use and pose hardly any problems. They are also the most sought after type of wigs. Wearing a wig made of human hair hardly feels unnatural.   
  2. The second most common material used for manufacturing wigs is horsehair. This hair is procured from the tail or mane of a horse. Though they share some characteristics with Human hair, at the end of the day, horsehair wigs are not as comfortable as human hair wigs. They can be a little more irritating than human hair wigs.
  3. Some other natural fibers used for wigs are buffalo hair, wool, and feathers.
  4. The cheapest kind of hairpieces for women, that you can get easily, are wigs made of synthetic fibers. These wigs are generally not as comfortable as natural hair wigs, but they are cheaper to produce and procure. Synthetic fibers are not only used to produce wigs, which resemble a full scalp of hair but are also used to produce fancy colorful wigs.

Uses of Hairpieces For Women

Wigs are used for various purposes. Some of the most common uses of wigs include the following;

  1. Wigs are commonly used by people who are suffering from hair fall and are either entirely or partially bald, either due to natural hair loss or due to hair loss resulting due to medication or medical treatment.
  2. Wigs are important as a part of traditional or cultural attires. Another common use of wigs is in religious rituals. You will find many different types of wigs worn as traditional attire purpose.
  3. It also a tradition in certain countries, for barristers and judges to wear wigs during court hearings.
  4. Perhaps the most extensive use of hairpieces for women is done in theatres, movies, and cinema.  

How to Choose the Right Women’s Wig

Choosing the right women’s wigs is like choosing any other ornament. You must weigh in your options and consider a few points.

  1. The Shape of Your Head: Choose the kind of wigs that suits your head’s shape. Some wigs might look weird on your face while others might be a perfect fit.
  2. The Purpose: A very important point is the purpose of the wig. If you need a wig that looks like real hair, then either horsehair or human hair wig is the right choice. However, for costumes and for completing funny attires, synthetic wigs are an excellent choice.
  3. Cost: Natural Hair wigs are costlier, as compared to synthetic fiber wigs, so be wary of your budget.  

Bottom Line

Buying wigs isn’t that hard, but buying the right one requires research work. You need to do some sort of research work before buying a wig for the first time.

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  • My sister would like to buy a wig that she may wear because her hair is starting to fall off due to the chemo. Well, I appreciate that you shared here the importance of considering comfort when shopping for wigs. Anyhow, thank you for giving us a heads up regarding the affordability of a synthetic wig.

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