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Driving is fin and everyone who learns driving aims to become a good driver. But those who have a decent driving experience feel like they know everything about their car. But the fact is even the most experienced drivers may sometimes fail to catch the nuances or delicacies of driving. There are certain thumb rules about driving that make your driving experience memorable and comfortable and these rules are followed by those whose job is driving race cars. But you need to be compliant and considerate of such regulations. Read on if you also want to know the secret driving lessons that no driving schools will teach you.

  • Feel the Wheel

If you want to drive your car as you walk, you must have trust in your wheels and for trust, you need complete information. This is one of the basic Secret Driving Lessons. You need to learn how to feel your wheels. With every move of your steering wheel, you need to understand how many angles your wheels make. While these skills come to you with practice and experience, you can start with crushing a water bottle with the front and rear wheels. This way, you can learn how to step on a target with wheels. Keep practicing this bottle exercise until you learn how to feel the wheel. 

  • Follow the Big Boys

This also doesn’t come in the course or scope of driving lessons in Walsall but is very important while you are driving down a highway. Cars that are ahead of you give you a hint to maneuver accordingly but the taller cars and trucks far ahead of you can also provide you valuable detail about the road conditions. Since the taller vehicles and trucks can see the road more clearly and have to make smart driving moves as per the situation, you can save a great deal of time and safety if you follow a huge vehicle. If a taller vehicle changes lanes quickly, it is because it may have seen an accident or a pothole, so following that vehicle benefits you.

  • Never Neglect Neighbors

If a neighboring vehicle slows down or takes a steep turn, never start honking horns or get panicked. Your left and the right side will always be filled with adjacent vehicles and each vehicle will see a different picture of the road. If an adjacent vehicle is slowing down this may be a sign that a pedestrian is trying to cross the road, or if the vehicle takes a steep turn; it may be because of an animal rushing towards the road. Hence, follow suit and drive accordingly. 

If you manage to follow these secret rules, chances are you can become an exceptional driver in a comparatively little time.

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