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By ANNEJOSEPH 1,552 views

What TikTok Network offers Marketers

TikTok is a short-term video platform which is constant by the various expressions of its users. Cheerful, cheeky, entertaining, and brilliant user-generated content is the TikTok unified reason to stand on, and it’s the key to its immense reputation. According to the market, TikTok is a non-gaming app that is most downloaded in the year.

Breakthrough global growth:

TikTok is the most downloaded video app across the globe, attains colossal growth in global marketers. Research shows that TikTok has reached above 2 billion downloads in the world.

The TikTok community’s principle is simple and fascinating: “Inspire creativity and bring delight” is its motto. It has all the familiar features that users expect – liking, commenting, swiping, and hashtags.

If someone who visits TikTok will know nothing that describes it. It’s an enormous world of videos with creative ideas, and it is a content graphed model, not a social graph. With its clean algorithm, one’s experience is not similar to the others. TikTok is simply an app of short-term videos for a mobile device, but it’s also much more. For the TikTok users, it delivers the creative contents and joyful; for the TikTok creators, it gives the magnifying tools to create and experiment with the stunning contents. It discovers the new artists on TikTok and to rediscover existing artists. And it provides a massive opportunity for brands for audience engagement and creativity.

TikTok is the place where every user feels free to show their creativity. It often delivers the joyfulness and a feel that the funny jokes (like putting the shocks on the cat’s heads or dancing with your grandparents). TikTok has marvelous in-built tools, including licensed features from the world stars. So, a user can make and upload sound and looping videos up to 1 minute. The “react” feature on TikTok makes the users shoot themselves for another video, and a popular “duet” feature shows two videos side by side (one person can join with the other person). Buying TikTok fans adds high credibility to your profile and sets you up to achieve all the momentum that you crown the success.

A place for creativity:

TikTok is a community network that encourages the users for their real selves. Communities are surrounded by everything from funny comedies to dance, sports, music, fashion, cooking, etc.

For instance, in the sporting universe, content creators create weightlifting, Football techniques, cricket tricks, and acrobats videos that found their niche on TikTok and produced inspiring videos. An England hockey player organized the isolation games challenge on TikTok. The (#isolationgames) hashtag gets over 520 million views in a couple of weeks and is still raising its counts.

Cultural trends come live on TikTok with the creators and users. You can also get global trends while scrolling through the videos from breaking facts to the new dance covers. For instance, an African hip hop dancer released a small dance cover on TikTok before its release. And he and his friends did the same dance cover and posted on TikTok. The dance cover becomes viral on TikTok even before naming it. 

Sharing of cross-platform means that posting the video contents on other social media frequently such as Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter – there are more than 50 million posts with the TikTok hashtag on Instagram alone. TikTok content brand trends across the globe on all the other apps within an hour. An incident that happened today on TikTok will be tomorrow’s global conservation. 

TikTok is the perfect way for the brands to appeal to the new audience. To keep the audience joyful, brands bring themselves to be open to today’s customers’ attitudes and behaviors. 

A key role of creators:

TikTok’s primary selling point for the brands is the creators looking to partner with users who have committed communities. Creators are the heartbeat for the TikTok community. They make the TikTok platform more joyful and entertaining throughout the world. And also, they encourage all the people to come in and show their creativity.

Creators come from different sources of expertise and interest and help the brand create compelling content, bringing more fans and credibility.

It brings no effects during the lockdown. TikTok is an indoor network by its nature. Because creators shoot themselves with great content at their homes, it is the excellent effect of attracting the viewers and publishing your video with the background of your house and street. They are making incredible content about entertaining, educating, and amusing. A marvelous location stands nothing in front of good quality of content. 

TikTok’s video format “Unique” brings out the creators to film themselves firmly, and it is the best option to engage with your audience. TikTok represents a feature “creator marketplace” where brands can get the creators to work with their brand to increase follower counts and demographics.

Ad formats available to brands:

Once a platform establishes its presence, they get ready to work with TikTok formats. Every six aspects amplify the content uniquely. It allows the brand to experiment and develop their signs in the TikTok global.

     Top view:

It is the first video a user sees when opening a TikTok app. It covers the large screen for up to a minute, allowing the brands to give unique expressions of their creativity. Samsung, Apple are all getting in for the works.

     Hashtag challenge:

It is the most popular term on TikTok. It allows people to see the brand’s personality. It includes creating a video with a sponsored hashtag and making the users share the content in the same hashtags. Mercedes, Nike are a few brands that work effectively with the hashtag challenge. 

     Hashtag challenge plus:

It enables a branded effect to the hashtag challenge to drive more traffic and to make brand-related conversations. 

     In-feed video:

It allows the brand to put the videos in the user’s “For you” feed, so they appear as the user-generated content. It occupies the full scream with the small description and call to action options.

These ads can be brought out from the TikTok ads network and target more variables such as gender, age, locations, etc., and more than 500 category terms. It is used to bring out the custom audience and can be optimized for conversion rates. For instance: an app download or for a landing page.

     Branded effect:

It allows users and brands to make extraordinary impacts on their videos. Examples are disco effects, Facebook, etc.,

     The privilege of business:

Brands get a business privilege status when their ad spend goes low. The accounts with ‘V’ badge enable the brand to gather all the brand content on the TikTok page, with a link of purchasing and pin-to-top videos. They also notice the follower’s reactions and performance of the content in the data-management network.

A well-grown industry such as McDonald’s, Mercedes takes more advantage from this network to explore the brand identity even though Apple joins their hands with a TikTok account to establish the brand. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the TikTok and boost your brand activity through creativity.


Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencer