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white porcelain tile
By JOE MAILLET 5,179 views

Can you Tile Directly on Plywood?

Putting white porcelain tile on plywood is everyone’s dream when it comes to renovate and bring beautiful changes in your space. Tiling brings in a variety of colors and looks equally beautiful to the senses. There arises a common question that is it possible to tile on plywood? The answer is absolutely yes. You can tile on plywood without any hesitation. All that is required is some extra care and vigilance. Little attention and use of accurate materials can give the best result in no time. Tiling on plywood is turned out to be an effective practice. You can keep yourself away from the hustle of taking off the plywood and then placing a new one on it by simply putting the tile on plywood.

The following are the guidelines that show how you can fix the tile on plywood and which things you need to avoid.

Using intervening sheets of plywood

Be mindful to use intervening sheets of plywood before putting tiles on it. Installing tile directly on the plywood can damage the plywood and your tile both. So it is better to put sheets of plywood before placing the tile on it.

Using adhesive

Using adhesives as per the tile you are wishing to place is recommended. The adhesives must be selected as per the type and category of tile. For heavier tiles obviously, you need to have a strong adhesive.

Using good quality of plywood

The most important part of the tiling is to use the right quality of plywood. Plywood is the base of your tiling and one should not compromise on it. The plywood must be of high quality and have good resistance.  Always try to avoid veneer-bond plywood. The vane-bond plywood does not give stable positioning of the tile and can cause dislocation as well.  Placing tile on such plywood not only cracks but also causes the risk of an injury.

Selecting a tile

Tile selection could become out tricky. Always look for the durable tile from the selection. The quality of life as per its age and physical features is really important. It can not only safe your time and money but also prevent any sort of physical damage.

Giving proper spacing in between

Giving due gap in between the spacing of plywood is very important as it provides the space for contraction. Leaving a 1/16-inch gap for the joints is suggested. This not only helps in giving the proper space but also allows the good ground to the tiles too be placed on it.

It is always safe to apply tile on the plywood regarded you have taken proper measures. To make the best result out of it one must be very picky in terms of selecting the quality of tile and plywood. They both compliment each other and the quality of both of these products matters. Little more care and proper attention can safe you from a big loss. Tiling is not a hectic task in modern days, but the variety and categories must be selected by considering all the details.

Joe Maillet

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