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How to Prevent Churn with on Time Bug Reporting

Customers crave great experiences. To give them that, businesses need to deal with customers in the best manner possible. Companies need to align flawless strategies to enhance customer retention. To prevent churn, it is important to report bug issues on time. Issues or bugs in data or usability will hamper customer experience. For every customer success manager, a prime focus is to make sure customers make use of the product in its full capacity with reduced bugs, data leaks, and misaligned expectations. Bugs in your system will lead to increased tickets, lesser resolutions, and heavily impact the smooth functioning of customer success operations. Making that easy is possible if you have bug tracking and reporting software to enhance customer success and prevent churn.  

Since customers are mostly online, they expect a seamless digital performance. Since it is all online, there are bugs going to be there. As per a survey, 78 percent of customers said that bugs appear almost every week.  Also, 88 percent of customers said they will abandon an app if they encounter glitches or bugs in performance.  

Isn’t that huge for customer churn? 

What is Bug Tracking? 

Bug tracking is finding incorrect features or functionalities in software. Bugs in codes affect performance and make it operational. Bugs interrupt the customer journeys making it easier for customers to churn. Since they cannot accomplish the task they want to, it becomes tough to work with bugs and retain customers.  

How On-time Bug Reporting can prevent churn  

Awareness about bugs can help fix them  

Bugs can destroy the customer experience. Bug reporting can help by allowing technical teams to fix data and issues. In some cases, customers report the bugs to customer care. In these cases, it is important to make sure the bugs are disposed of as soon as possible. Systemic bugs will take longer but it is important to keep the customer informed and aware of the proceedings. 

Action can be taken based on the status  

If bugs are being fixed, a wise thing to do is eliminate all possibilities of delay. A red status can determine and indicate a critical systemic bug. These are bugs that severely hamper customer functionality. Green status bugs mean bugs that do not affect customer functionality in the long run.  

Customer experience is improved  

When bugs are fixed ideally, the customer experience is improved. Customer experience is a huge differentiating factor for customers to choose who they want to do business with. Customer experience has been influential in forming customer opinions about the company. Enhancing the experience of customers is essential for any company.  

Customers feel safer and more aligned  

Customers expect applications to be safe and value their privacy. It needs to immune from glitches and issues that could lead to inefficient functioning. Poor performance can lead to huge attrition or churn leaving customers dissatisfied.  

How to reduce Churn while fixing bugs  

To improve the quality of customer service, companies or customer success managers must create pathways that empower customers to report incidents of technical issues. Proactive customer-focussed strategies will result in reduced negative experiences.  

Bug tracking by customers  

Customer management software can make a lot of difference. Customer success software can help identify, track, locate, understand bugs through tickets and associate them with the concerned authorities. If the bug is vital in reducing satisfaction, it can be dealt with on an important priority basis.  

Bug tracking via software  

With bug tracking software, it is easier to understand bug crash reports, monitor performance, and get feedback. You can track bugs and resolve severe crashes. Having software will also help improve user experience quality. Companies or CS teams can also get access to valuable user insights. It can save time and help investigate performance.  

Communication efforts  

While reducing churn via fixing bugs, it is also important to ensure communication efforts are integrated. Making sure there is seamless communication between customers and customer-facing teams on technical aspects improves customer trust in the brand. Everyone likes to be heard and listened to, right. This is what drives customer retention in the long run. Customer communication is key to customer satisfaction and eventual growth.  

Bottom Line: Fix Crashes before Customer Churns  

Bugs are a problem we often face. They need to be fixed for customers to enjoy their experience truly. Increasing errors can have a negative impact on product reputation. There needs to be a high level of support between teams to ensure that functionality is not affected. Real-time feedback and transparent insights can help reduce the frequency of technical bugs in products. This also makes sure customer communication is enhanced and the level of service is better after a point in time.  Streamlining mobile customer surveys to include questions on technical improvements can also help gain intuitive customer feedback.  


Jyothi Tulasi is tech-savvy and interested in increasing ROI in customer success area for various SaaS products. She has profound expertise in outreach. She loves connecting to people and singing in her free time.

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