Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is important to maintain the good health and growth of plants. Despite knowing this, many of us tend to ignore tree pruning.

If you are not sure when is the right time for tree pruning, then worry not! Here we have listed 11 signs that will tell you if your trees need tree pruning or not. So let’s start without wasting anytime further.

Tree Pruning

  1. Partially Broken Branches: Often, after the storm, winds, or heavy rains, some branches are partially broken, and you must keep a check on such branches. Regular pruning helps you get rid of such branches, thus keep your premises safe.
  1. Crack In The Bark: If you see too many cracks on the tree’s bark, it could be a sign of disease, rotting, or stress. Such trees can be hazardous in many ways. Call the professional and evaluate its condition and take a call on what is best.
  1. Cross Branches: The trees that don’t have fruits or flowers, their branches tend to cross. Crossing allows them to rub each other, causing harm to both interior and exterior of the plant. You should cut such branches. But this tree pruning should be done in the spring season.
  1. Dead Branches: Dead branches on the trees are hazardous, and they must be removed. But if there are large sections of the dead, it indicates that the tree is dying; thus, the tree must be removed.
  1. The Density Of Branches: If the tree is too dense and you can’t see through it, it needs tree pruning.  Dense and thick branches create weak branches that tend to fall.
  1. Cluttered And Untidy Branches: If the tree branches have reached telephone or electric poles and wires or they have reached your house structure, it can cause accidents. The ones that are touching the electric poles are most dangerous. Such branches must be removed.Tree Pruning
  1. Diseased Tree Branches: If you notice that any part of the plant is dying, or has been infected, then it must be removed to prevent the spread of infection. Therefore, you must keep a check on the signs of diseases in your plants and trees. Inspect them for fungal infection, discoloration, or premature falling of leaves.  You may also see the spots or blisters on sick parts.  Such conditions can be found on both leaves or branches. Tree pruning is a must if the tree is diseased.
  1. The Main Branch Is Dead: Main branches are also known as leader branches.  Such branches often compete with each other. Such branches should be trimmed to keep the tree healthy.
  1. Wrong Direction: If the trees are planted in an area where there’s plenty of space, they start growing opposite or outward instead of upward.  Such growth can cause heavy branches to fall in windstorms or snow.  Therefore, in such a case, tree pruning will protect your property and keep the tree healthy.
  1. The Improper Shape Of The Trees: Tree pruning not only maintains the good health of the plant, but it also ensures that the trees are in the right shape. Allowing the trees to grow without pruning will damage the look of the place. But with tree pruning, you can ensure gi Thus enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the place.
  1. Tree Pruning After Storm Or Flood: If there was a heavy storm, flood, or snow, you must check your tree for wounded branches.  You will have to remove both small and are branches that are hanging or limping.  But don’t trim the branches that have missing leaves. They will grow back.  Only cut them after the storm if the tree s damaged. Else you can harm your tree.

Now you know the signs when your trees need pruning. If you are not an expert in this arena, you must ensure to call an expert because improper pruning can damage your trees.

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  • Zachary Tomlinson says:

    I had no idea that seeing a couple of dead branches around your trees could infect it with diseases. My aunt noticed that a couple of her loan oak trees have a couple of branches that look like they’re breaking off. I’ll probably recommend that he contact a tree pruning service that can do this for her before it’s too late.

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