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Sewing Machine Hacks
By ASHLEY BROWN 1,249 views

Time-Saving Sewing Machine Hacks for Divas on the Go!

Yes, there’s a solution if you’re sick of going to second-hand stores to buy clothes. You can make your clothes. But wait! It’s not that easy. First, you have to find a sewing machine. However, using them can be a pain and time-consuming. Well, I have something to tell you that you’ll love, so keep reading!

These Tips Will Keep You Away From Your Sewing Machine

If you love to make your clothes, or if you like to make clothing in general, you’re well versed with a sewing machine. The trouble is that they can be a pain to use. Also, these machines can wreak havoc on your back. Well, it’s time to explore some sewing machine hacks that will chop several minutes off of your time on the machine. That way, you’ll have more “me and family time!”

Rotate Your Fabric

If you want to sew corners the same way the world’s best tailors do, it helps to rotate your fabric 90 degrees when running it through the sewing machine’s needle.

Nothing Works Wonders like Binding Clips

If you’ve been struggling with attaching different pieces of fabric so that they make a clean stitch when sewn together, use binding clips. You can buy them in any department store, and they work wonders when trying to bind different types of fabric together as neatly and as aligned as possible.

Use Yarn When Gathering Material

It may surprise you, but you’ll find that using yarn will help you gather the material better. You’ll find that the stitches will be aligned perfectly. They’ll also fasten the fabric much better.

Put Stitches on the Inside

Sewing buttons on a piece of fabric is a real pain. Make the job much easier by sewing buttons on the fabric’s interior. And since it’s better to be safe than sorry, you want to sew on more buttons so that you’re covered if one of the buttons falls off.

Dental Floss Works Wonders

Dental floss is strong. It’s designed to remove food particles that rest between your teeth. So, the next time you sew buttons on a fabric, reach for some dental floss instead of sewing thread. You’ll find it easier and faster to sew the buttons on, and they’ll last much longer.

Use Hairspray

Yes, you want to use hairspray when threading your needle. Not only will it be easier to do the job, but you’ll also get it done much faster.

Use Painter’s Tape to Hold Pleats and Ruffles in Place

If you fear losing that perfect pleat design in a new line of designer skirts you want to sew together on your sewing machine, use painter’s tape to hold them in place. What works for pleats will work equally well for ruffles. Now, you can safely experiment with new styles you know will take off once they hit retail stores.

Make Your Thread Extra Strong

There is a secret to doing that. Do you know what it is? It’s to either buy waxed thread or dip your thread in wax. The wax will make your sewing thread stronger and more resilient. It will also make the seams you sew with your machine last longer. You’ll find that the stitches are more flexible, versatile, and durable.

Place a Plastic Grocery Bag on Cloth That Wrinkles Easily

Once you try this hack, you’ll see how you ever managed to sew with your machine previously. The plastic grocery bag under the fabric will stabilize it (the fabric.) You’ll find that you have a much easier time running your fabric through the machine without experiencing any interruptions that could ruin the continuity and quality of your stitches.

Sew Your Zippers into the Seam

It may sound wild and counterintuitive, but it works. You put the zipper so that its face touches the fabric where you will sew the seam. Then sew the zipper in place. That will secure the zipper so you never have to worry about breaking or slipping out of place, even after many washes. Finally, you want to make the zipper visible by using a seam ripper to cut the seam. That way, people can use the zipper when they wear your clothes.

Stay Stitches are a God Send

So, you stitch fabric together to ensure it stays in one piece when running it through your sewing machine, especially when working with cut and sew apparel. It works wonders, and this hack will ensure that all your clothes, including cut and sew apparel, have that professional, straight-from-the-tailor look.

You want to allocate at least 3/8 of an inch of the fabric (from the seam allowance) for the stay stitch. Ensure you follow the fabric’s natural curves when making the stitches. Make sure that your stitches are even on both sides. They’ll look tacky otherwise. You want to secure the fabric in place by making stitches on both sides of it.

Reinforce Your Sewing Thread

There’s one way to do that. It’s to use a decorative but somewhat delicate thread and thread it through your machine’s needle while you’re threading your regular thread through the needle. You’ll find that you’ll reinforce your thread’s strength, ensure that your stitches last for much longer and are more flexible, and make the seams look more attractive. So, you’re doing more than killing two birds with one stone.

Use a Pencil to Mark Your Seam Allowance

You fasten three pencils together with a strong and big rubber band. Then, you use the pencil trio to mark the entire border area of your seam allowance. That way, you’ll always be able to find the seam allowance easily when you’re running the fabric through the machine quickly.

Remember that Wool Stuffing Works Wonders for Your Sewing Pins

If you want your pins to be sharp and fasten different pieces of fabric together, stick them in some wool stuffing when you’re not using them. The abrasive nature of the wool will wear away at the surface of the pins. That will keep them super sharp every time you use them. Just be sure not to stick yourself with them when you’re sewing.

Final Words

You may have yet to hear of these methods, but they will dramatically reduce your time on the sewing machine. You’ll wonder how you ever sewed before once you try these hacks.

Ashley Brown

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