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Tiny Engagement Ring

7 Reasons Why a Tiny Engagement Ring is Better

There are girls who prefer bigger rings. But at the same time, you find many people who prefer the tiny engagement ring and they find it perfect. If you are the one who is not able to make the mind what will be better for you the tiny ring or the bigger one, then you just read this article. Here, you find the reasons why a tiny engagement ring is better.

Spending more on the engagement ring is not an ideal one

You find girls who understand that new life comes with it, and there are many important tasks to do. You may need a new home together; responsibilities are on the table; the world is there to explore, and more such things. So, three is no logic to invest more in an engagement ring.

If you believe in the survey, then you find that every single person from three people will prefer to spend less on the engagement ring.

The bigger ring doesn’t provide the assurance of success in marriage

If you provide the best from three-stone engagement rings, then it gives you the assurance of success. If it is so, then you may choose the bigger one. Actually, the fact is not so. There are celebrities and they get the best and bigger engagement rings and we all know how most of their love stories take an end. So, don’t even think about such assurance and when you don’t find that, then what the reason to invest in more to the three stone engagement rings.

So, you just go as per your pocket and if you both love each other, then you find the most romantic and successful relationship without any doubt.

Having relaxation is important

If you can’t afford the bigger three stone diamond engagement rings but purchase the same, then it gives the reasons for stress. Just ask yourself when you have less money in the pocket but the list of required things to do is not smaller than how it will be. Just ask yourself are you comfortable with the same? Surely, you are not.

But when you own the ring that is smaller, then it goes easy to your pocket and you find relaxation to do the other things without any doubt.

Using your hands is easier

You must have a busy schedule but when you have the biggest ring on the finger, then the challenges are more. The chances are high to experience the scratches and more on diamonds.

But when it is a tiny one, then no matter how active you are and how much you use the hands, it will never create issues. At the same time, chances are low to experience scratches on the diamond and the same.

It is true that diamonds are hard but when the straight hurt will be there, it gets damaged. Are you okay with the chance of get hurt even after paying more for the ring? Surely, you will not be. So, you can choose the tiny ring and get rid of these issues.

Keeping a low profile is okay

The engagement ring is the emotion; this is not your standard. But if you also think the same, then truly keeping your profile low is okay. Showing off is fun but there are people who love to keep them in a low profile.

So, if you are the person who doesn’t like the attention and so your partner is, want to live your life peacefully without having much attention of others, then the tiny ring is just for you. Don’t think much, and go for it.

Value quality over the size

You are the person who loves the quality and chose the same over the size, then the tiny ring is for you. Don’t need to confuse anymore, go to do the shopping and find the same. There is no doubt that when you go for the clarity and choose the one which is perfect as per the 4Cs, then paying for that will be the need and along with the same if you need a bigger size, then the entire cost will be more for sure.

So, go for the one that you prefer the most for the satisfaction of yours.

It’s a family heirloom

You get the ring as part of the family tradition, then actually, this is a blessing that comes from the past and if that is tiny, then also, you should appreciate it. You just have it with a smile.

Well, these are the reasons why people prefer to have a tiny engagement ring. If you personally love the bigger one, then go for it. There is nothing odd about it. But whatever you like to, take your own decision and make your new phase of life perfect in the way you are looking for. All the best!

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