Struggling with a legal problem? Are you appearing in court shortly for your case? It becomes very critical to abide some rules when you appear in the court. The courtroom ethics also play an important role in the decision of your case. You have to remain calm and collected. Control of courtroom is in the hands of a judge who is hearing your case and make all decision. How you behave in the court and say is important. Cortney Shegerian, an associate attorney in the Los Angles revealed some useful tips on courtroom ethics which you can’t afford to miss while appearing in the court.

Dress Appropriately for your court appearance: To show respect for the judge and the court, you have to dress professionally and conservatively. A business suit, conservative dress or dress pants, and a shirt should be worn by Women. Men can wear a suit or dress pants and a shirt. Avoid wearing bright colors and heavy jewelry.

Let your friends know about any courtroom rules: If any family member or friend is accompanying you in court. Even they need to know about the rules of the courtroom. Guest should be a plan to arrive on time. Avoid eating, drinking in the courtroom. Cell phone use is prohibited in the courtroom.

Cortney Shegerian

Know what time your hearing is and arrive early: It is good to arrive before time and wait outside the courtroom to be called. Sometimes it gets difficult to find parking or to get the public transport so plan accordingly. You can contact court ahead if you are not sure about your hearing time.

Be prepare to go through the security: You should be aware of what security rules to abide to have easy clearing from the security checkpoint. To pass through the Metal detector test, remove all metal objects from clothing. Weapons are strictly prohibited in the court building. Avoid carrying drugs and tobacco products with you.

Wait quietly during the hearing until you are directed to speak: Wait for your turn to speak about your case. Side conversations can let your attention wander. Sit quietly during the proceedings and turn off your cellphone. In most courtrooms, hearings are electronically recorded.

Address the judge appropriately: Judge is the high authority in the court room. He or she should be respected. Some judges prefer to use a special title. Ask about this from your lawyer before addressing the court.

Speak in a respectful tone of voice and watch your body language: Answer clearly to the questions asked in the courtroom. Use polite language. Do not point to anyone during proceedings. If get emotional even tough do not criticize anybody. It will be in your favor if you keep your body language neutral.

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